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We've been talking to Blake. Cordesman Allot I mean we've started high school. That's let us up through his first job high-school college in onto the Bachelorette which led him to a little bit of disappointment, not being the bachelor into Bachelor in Paradise a year after being on the Bachelorette We all know Blake Story I am Bachelor in Paradise. We don't need to go into details of who the women were and kind of all the storylines played out. There we've we've heard one hundred times. If you haven't I'm sure you can. Can Google it. in in everybody has been either hurt by Some feel like they've been her. From the experience. Others have been hurt by kind of the second hand. opinions and criticism Blake what has hurt you. The most and I say this not to like Hey I know you've experienced pain in this. No, it's like. Hey, you're pain has been very public like your struggles with mental health have been have been talked about often by yourself and others. What from this whole experience is hurt you the most? So much I think. I and I've always been. A bit of a you know I think I was very naive coming into this world and I think the hardest part was seeing. People I, considered friends You know just throwing under the bus for Re tweets for likes for pods for whatever they needed to keep you know relevant or whatnot and that was hard for me because I just think I'd even though I was told you not expect that by thousand people I still didn't think but that was something that was going to happen, and one of the hardest parts at it all was. How many people were on my side privately? How many people told me they would have done exactly what I did I did nothing wrong, and then in public doing now while some of them did the complete opposite, but a lot just were kind of quiet on the whole thing and. It's a weird part it's. It's weird because I don't expect in this world now. Especially now I know better. It's hard to expect people to stick their neck out for you. You know because they're risking their Rep. their senior career and I know that now looking back like it's hard to be like. Why didn't you say anything because they were worried about? About their image but that was the hardest part was watching friends who I people I consider friends saying privately there on my side of that was Jerry Harvard will will. This is our moment to kind of stick our necks out, and you know that's why we have this podcast and we want to hear the truth. Right because the truth gets hard to. To sometimes see. When all this is going on, you know we're watching. On TV were seeing glimpses on social media. We're hearing. The opinions from your peers and I think when you do that, you go. Oh, my this must be true, but for you. You're saying hey, like this is a lot harder to understand. Though anybody saw And you're just wanting people to be there. Now that causes some mental health issues right? I mean you came on your on your instagram. Season you just like in tears crying to the public like really crying out loud for help and I I think I members advising you. To think I think we talked to through and I was like I. Don't know what you do here like I. I don't know if this is smart. Share like I. Know It kind of feels like you're outing the other people involved, but you're like you're just saying like I just need to get my story out there because I need to feel like less alone, right. Yeah. I mean not only nine. Yeah, and just I'll. I'll just N- I. Get parts like some people the whole text mentioning, but like it's. It's frustrating me because imagine. The, whole world was against like people had already decided that was guilt. There was nothing back. I was guilty and unfortunately the show and I. Don't blame the show necessarily for not showing my side because. I couldn't when I was down there I didn't. It wasn't like they ended my sign out like I didn't because I. didn't know some things that were being. Said you know But so I just felt like I had no choice and I, was like. Listen like I don't. I'll never understand how somebody can be angrier at the evidence. You know of the lies in the licensed cells. That's just not something that I don't know. How ever be able to comprehend but at the same time it's like get private ministers of prime messages, but it's like. Same time millions of people watch the show you so I don't know. Art, who's a very difficult decision in? It's not one I took lightly in it hurt. It hurt really bad at the time. but it was something I felt like I had to do. What steps did you take? After, the show was aired to better your mental health. To the show was aired. During while it was airing I, you know I took First of all. I got off social media. like I didn't pose posted. Oppose the text messages. Tonight didn't post again to the finale. I just felt like I needed to remove myself from from that. so I got off of that took therapy to therapy leaned on friendly non-family. I still was really low It's hard when you feel alone like fat and even I know my family cares. electrons negatively loves me, but. You're almost in your in a weird states. you know when you're? Swollen restart I was always one of those people who thought that. Anxiety panic attacks. Depression was always something. You could just quote unquote. Rub Dirt on, and I always thought that. It was kind of a made up thing for people who. Needed attention quote Ed, you will now I know that that is not the case that those are very very real I remember. I was depressed and. I remember the every every day. I was in bed probably about three months, and I remember every day like tomorrow. I'M GONNA. Get up I'M GONNA walk I'm GonNa take a jog tomorrow's Dea and then I wake up and I couldn't do it physically couldn't do it and I remember my mom coming in and trying to drag me out of bed. I physically couldn't do it now. Just in a really bad spot and I. Let my your health you know. Starts declined start eating crappy to solve just a snowball and I was in a really bad spot and. It took a long time to get out of that And still so like I said. It's something I'm working on but I'm definitely not you know. Wave at a spot that I was four five months ago. But it's not something that you can cure overnight and it does take time for sure. to close off this segment. An, thank you for sharing the stuff I think. It cannot feel great, but I I hope that speaking about it over and over again at some point. you know you, you will be able to move forward which you know, I'd like to know..

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