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And then he second specifically amid intentionally keeping it vague and it's like this is this is like possibly the most interesting thing i've ever experienced and you're not telling us about it and then howard stearns like oh i s yeah i saw girl shape shift when she took off her makeup who has a very howery in it's gotta you don't got but i can't appreciate he got he got to do it to here i think billy corgan has mass issues like mental issues and part of those mental issues develop into psychosis and develop inter he probably actually believes he saw something just like cry believe leaves he saw an honestly honestly because and then you know people here sounds that aren't there why aren't you early he does the right all right a duty boat we've all seen weird shit right we've all seen weird stuff manner but you actually like evaluate what you saw you know and you're like i there's a possibility that i was mistaken for you know like you see a shape in the dark that looks like a giant wolf ended it disappears or something like that you like hey maybe i didn't actually see aware wolf like you have to entertain the notion that you possibly didn't see aware we have it there's so many accounts of where will sow history yeah the jiggling has just from billy corgan alot all true i want to say it's like it's like my sister who is like i saw that i saw that green spot monster there's like a monster that did roams the washington gun green spot road tie and she's like i saw and i'm like couldn't you've been mistake it couldn't have been a dog or a cut no rescued it's like i don't understand the confidence you have in seeing something supernatural.

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