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Now with a genuine member of the millennial generation joining us as Jane. Hi, jane. Hi, Steven, thanks for having me. We are. So glad you're here. So Jane, what do you have for us today? Stephen as you know, I love animals, I currently live with two Guinea, pigs and the world fast puppy dog. And apparently, I am not alone in my preference to share my home with a Petr to according to a survey from American pet products association. Seventy three percent of millennials currently have a pet. So I wanted to just talk for a minute about what millennial pet owners are looking for when they buy a home. That's awesome J. So according to realtor dot com. Eighty nine percent of millennials who bought a home this year own a pet in seventy nine percent of that group said they would pass up on an otherwise perfect. Home. If it didn't meet the needs of their pets. So if you're working with a millennial with a companion animal, ask them what they think is important for their pets. Otherwise, you may waste a lot of time. Looking at properties that never even sit a chance. Interesting next, according to a ours profile of home buyers and sellers fifteen percent of all homebuyers, chose their neighborhood based on how it would best serve their pet and of that group more than a third said that that meant being close to parks and recreational facilities. So for millennials looking at homes without yards like, me, and my condo. Make sure that there is Greenspace within walking distance. Who are should I say dog walking distance? I'm really sorry about that. Finally, what if you affirm babies, and you're selling your home, according to a ours recently released twenty nine thousand nine profile of home, staging eighty three percent of sellers agents recommend removing the pets from the house during showings. So when it's time for that open house plan along Walker trip to the dog park and for the cats ask your non cat allergy friends, if kitty can hang with them for the afternoon. Also, you may be used to pet hair being literally everywhere, but it isn't a great used for potential buyers. So remember to vacuum? Jane? This is such great advice for anyone with pets who's buying or selling. And it reminds me of the old saying wag, more bark less walk. Softly. And throw a big stick..

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