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Don't forget to tell your smart speaker to play ESPN radio, so this report came down to 6 30 Eastern time. According to The Washington Post 15 women who previously worked for the Washington Redskins organization, they have alleged sexual harassment and verbal abuse by former scouts and members of owner Daniel Snyder in the circle. That's what they reported on Thursday among those accused of misconduct. A former director of a pro personal Alex Santos and former assistant director of pro personal Richmond and second As well as radio play by play announcer Larry Michael. All three of those gentlemen left the organization in the past week. I'm going to get to what will the NFL do? Or what will the NFL say? I'll get to that at the Riley in Houston has something to say about this. Triple eight. Say ESPN 8887293776 Riley, what you got Hey, So I heard you talking about kind of the ID on what was going on and how there was kind of the missing pieces as there always is, with these kind of legal issues. I've previously worked in labor and employment as a law clerk. And one thing that they talk about a lot is how performance improvement plans are used for these type of employees. Has a way of kind of saying either. If you don't if you tell on us, we're gonna fire you on their way, easily pushing people out. I was curious if there were any record of that, or if that was something that it's kind of been looked into Well, that's a good question. Number one Riley in Houston. Thank you for the phone call number one great question by you, according to the Washington Post report. I haven't seen anything specific in terms ofthe holding performances over people's heads or using whatever whatever kind of intimidation tactic they were going to use to make sure that people were not going to say anything. I just find it very, very strange. That something like this went on for 13 years. And the owner of the football team didn't know about it. Even though his name was not named in the report. By the way, one of those scouts was fries this week's Santos. He was accused by six former employees and two reporters who covered the team of commenting about their bodies. And making unwelcome overtures. That's according to the post, so basically as far as I'm concerned Everything's on the table with what was going on with the culture of Washington from 2006 through 2019. Also those very interesting, Ron Rivera said, And I quote Dan Snyder brought me here to change culture and create an environment of inclusion among employees. I believe everyone that works for this franchise has a vested interest in our success in quote Ron River would not put himself out there and use dance night. His name. So let people know exactly well, I don't know what I was getting into. Based on that statement, Ron Rivera knew what he was getting into. I need you to come here to be the new head coach of washing Redskins, and I need you to change this culture and create an environment of inclusion among employees. That sounds like a loaded statement that Dan Snyder knew something was going on. That dance night and knew something was not exactly right under his watch, being only the national of the National Ball League Washington football team, The fact that he was not named in that report. That statement by Ron Rivera tells us all we need to know honestly. So whatever they were using from intimidation to make sure people going to be quiet and people going to stay quiet as far as I'm concerned, everything was on the table, but noticeably for one second. That dance night. I didn't know anything. That Bruce Allen when he works with general manager didn't know anything throughout 13 years, Not one thing. Come on now. I'm Freddie Coleman on Freddy and Fitz Simmons on ESPN Radio, ESPN app and serious tax on Channel 80. Keep weighing in on Twitter at Coleman, ESPN like truth cures all who says since dance, not it does not know. Sector harassment was going on this team within 13 years. He does not know how to put together a team and does not know how to build a respectable or winning culture. What's the NFL doing here? The NFL commissioner can't sleep on this. I'm glad truth, cures all you brought up the National Football League. Because how much should they get involved with this? In my opinion, they can't stand on the outside of this NFL when plenty know that your track record when it comes, the women is awful as a National Football league waiting for someone else to do something in this situation to me is a bad, bad look and not just for Washington. Adam Schefter, speaking of the NFL. Adam Schefter, ESPN NFL insider he talked about the discipline could happen towards Washington, the NFL, but it's also on Washington going forward to make sure this does not happen again. The NFL is going to need to act on this and again, I would think that the Redskins is an organization will be subject to disappoint. This is something that doesn't reflect well on the NFL. It would not surprise me if there were discipline involved here, fine involved here. But it goes beyond that. At this point time it goes to making fundamental changes that are required in our society. Of things that are completely unacceptable that have gone on allegedly in their organization from these various individuals, and so this is off to that organization, too. Clean this up and get that right now. You know what the NFL decides to do is you're gonna make anyone feel better still be takes away. A draft pick will find the team or I mean, OK, the league can and probably will do something along those lines. But the fact that matter is this is unacceptable behavior and this has to be corrected. And if you're the National Football League, don't let somebody else do your discipline. Don't let somebody else do your investigation. You're the NFL. How many times have we heard from Roger Goodell and plenty of NFL owners? Make sure this shield is protected. They always throw that at players. They always throw that at fans. They very really throw that at owners and teams will now you got a perfect opportunity. If you're the National Football League, the other owners and Roger Goodell's a commission to say you know what Washington you were terrible protecting shield for 13 years, according to this report. We're not just going to stand by. Let somebody else investigate. You were going to get our hands dirty to see how dirty you were towards women in the workplace when it comes to Washington..

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