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I felt better in the pocket better being able to see the field going down the field with it. Throwing the football doing what a quarterback does. If we're making comparisons. People wanna compare collar Murray to Baker Mayfield. That's not the comparison. You see Baker Mayfield. Baker Mayfield does resemble. Russell Wilson a lot more than what column Meritas Tyler Murray is still maybe shorter in terms of he's a better thrower than Lamar Jackson. So I can't put them in that category. Almost as good a runner. But not the overall athlete that Lamar Jackson is Puerto. Lamar Jackson really is a phenomenal athlete. And if he was almost like Lamar Jackson, he wouldn't be going number one. So I don't know what category to put him in. Because I do think he's a better throw. Maybe it's just the category of Kyla Murray. But I still feel that for the quarterbacks twain Haskins the best overall quarterback, obviously, it's an opinion thinking you can come after me for it. If you want to. But I look at the cardinal situation. I think Dwayne Haskins is the best QB in the draft. Arizona's still gonna draft Cuyler Murray number one overall. Well, why? Why? Schuyler Murray, overwhelmingly good, I think a lot of people. There would be some people who are Cuyler Murray. Folks, the folks in Oklahoma, the folks and maybe Arizona who have already bought in collar Murray's family. Yeah. Feel a lot of people would agree that that twain Haskins is the best quarterback coming out in the draft. Not that it's particularly great class. Jason Cole liking it to the J manual, Gino..

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