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My name is darius. Mitchell d The hip pop up a nearby republican honestly. The plan was to do my military time retire and then grow into the woods. Grow a beard and get weird. Nobody goes out and says. Hey i want to go into the light after doing everything that we've done a lifetime. I am not looking to be president in some ways. I'm looking for something bear than president. I want to start a movement. I feel like crying because it's so beautiful that we can do this. It's totally amazing. He's not. I mean i come. I came here on the little community by paid. My fifty cents. You know like. I'm going to walnuts masses something. No i'm coming to this. Gorgeous gorgeous state outs with all the history. It just for the wondrous. I cry for the oneness of the constitution. You've been on this ballot before. Yes sir well. I would like to ask you today is i want you to put me on the libertarian party. Primary balancer we. We don't have a libertarian. Party in new hampshire legislature. Did that about twenty years ago. Hope and stuff like that. There they were in the new hampshire secretary of state's office just before kobe. Paying their thousand dollars to be on the official presidential primary they are the lesser known candidates the dramatic fringe of each presidential primary election up here and they are the stars of my quadrennial quixotic reporting project with photographer. Shane carpenter and listen. They aren't like buddha jag. Lesser-known they're like vermin supreme lesser-known mary maxwell lesser-known zoltan istvan lesser known. Almost nobody in politics for out knows these people but they are running anyway. This is the fifth primary. That chain. And i have spent ducking out of mainstream campaign press events to track down the people who are just obsessive idealistic or imbalanced enough to think they should run for president often no money no support and sometimes actually no platform. Of course the idea of a non-politician becoming president was a lot funnier before two thousand sixteen but these candidates are something different a wild bunch far more entertaining and thought provoking than the scripted candidates. And even though we are putting this episode out for free listening in june of two thousand and twenty one are after the fringe candidates have returned to their day jobs. I'm still very into this conversation. From this episode with handed writer and transhumance is all tiniest fun zoltan and i drank some fifteen year old albany. Scotch talked about exoskeleton being escorted at gunpoint from mega church and why he let someone demo fourth syringe into his hand to give him a permanent biochip. Implants this is nathan thornburgh and from roads and kingdoms. You're listening to the trip drinking with.

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