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Analytics in the NFL



Going to talk about these Brown the whole topic of analytics because Mike when you think of mate Alexi often think about major league baseball. And you know Bill James's cyber metric revolution. Should Billy Bean moneyball the book movie all the rest of it and wanted Billy Bean's main guys was Paul D Badescu. CUPID ESTA LA. Believe in the as he goes the mets eventually. Now he's with the Cleveland Browns. Tired and twice sixteen says famously. I don't know too much NFL. But I've got all this information all this analytics we'll make things work also infamous said he didn't think Carson Wentz was the top twenty quarterback now now as we look at your column today. Athletic is always. You can subscribe the athletic read. All Mike's work there the war between analytics and football people is pointless. The real challenge is finding someone who can properly understanding process all the data and then make the right decisions and how to deploy and I'm not sure. The browns have solved that problem yet. They hire Kevin Stansky is their head coach. Why why are you skeptical at? They've solved it. You know I like Kevin and I and I don't mean to be critical Kevin. But I think Kevin's a really smart guy. And I think Kevin's obviously you know well. Educated aided came through the coaching ranks. The right way started on the ground floor worked his way up. I just think it's going to be a real challenging job for him because he's got to manage a lot of personalities in that locker room and deep. Pesto said at the press conference that they were looking for a leader. And you know. And I think that Kevin's probably more of a guy who's low key. Quiet it you know has a shared vision with everybody and that doesn't mean he's not qualified. That just means to me I think the vision of what the browns think they need. And what what. I see the browns needing in terms of somebody to come in and be able to handle Odell Beckham because look like Odell Beckham. The little like Michael Jackson Right. I mean he's is not compliant right he will show up on time. He'll do what he has to do right but the one thing he will do is he will create people following him he will create and so what he doesn't come to. Ot Days where he doesn't want to do things or he wants to go out. Color outside the lines dominic does he. Will you know get the people follow him. And who's going to challenge him to do that. Who's going to challenge him to do that? You know and I thought it was funny. Ad When you know they asked Stefanski Gi you know what did Mayfield think of you like. I'm not really worried. Would Baker Mayfield thinks of me. I'm worried about what I think. Baker Mayfield Shinto like I don't have to make Baker Mayfield Happy Baker Mayfield to make me happy. And I think you can look at all these analytical numbers and it's great but at some point football's a game a leadership. Football's the game of toughness. Football's a game paddle. Football's a game of conditioning. Football's a game of making people do things they really don't WanNa do right. You need intelligence. You need all those things but you need grit. You need some of that and I just think that the way they handle this they obviously got somebody who's more collaborative than dictatorship and. That's what they wanted on it. I'm not sure that's what they needed. As you mentioned the com- analytics is just another word for information. And when you worked for Bill Belichick or walls work with them. You know you were feeding them. Information to quote gridiron genius. The fact you Mike Holmgren were good friends. He called you scooper because you were so tune in and what was going on around the NFL. Hiring coaches like homeroom is a convoluted path to building a staff. It required Walsh to spend lots of time and energy coaching his coaches. That was why he hired guys. Who are intelligent before there? Anything else guys. Were not typical products. The football industry his special teams coach. Fred von happen may still be the only coach in NFL history who read Sylvia plath every day before heading out to the practice field. Maybe the violence of her poetry help to prepare him for the carnage of kickoff coverage. That's a great quote but just to further the point about Walsham ballot check and how they assemble their staffs. Yeah I mean look. Nobody was more cerebral lim bill right but he's a real tough guy. Nobody's more cerebral than Bella check. And he's a tough guy and Fred. Von Was a tough guy you know and he'd read Sylvia Plath and he was was excluding the part that she put her head in an oven and he literally read that every single day it was unbelievable and his vocabulary was incredible vocabulary. Sorry but they had a sense of toughness and I think that parcells is the same way. parcells wants to hire guys from the Military Academy. He wants smart people right. Everybody wants smart people. They want smart people but they also want smart people that are going to be branded and do what they wanna do. And demand from the players not collaborate from the players and I think that this analytical nonsense is truly we're all in the information business so all the information is really important in my belief is that we're missing in the point when somebody puts on and says well there in eleven personnel. And they're doing this and that like do you understand what the eleven is and what they're really trying to accomplish. I mean Tevin Coleman was the running back that was the main back this week because Kyle Shanahan wanted a running back. Who's GonNa Threaten Mike Zimmer in the backfield because Mike Zimmer was gonNA play three linebackers now once that happened that according to the chart? That's twenty-one toward the analytic he's in twenty one personnel but he's really not because he's got Coleman in the game he's only in twenty anyone with Coleman because he's got three linebackers so how do you differentiate that you know. How do you break down the information you know? There's so many times I've been in meeting with Bela check. I'll be watching tape. And I made a comment. He said well the only reason they're doing that is because they're doing up about anyone into that you know like oh I got it now I got you just taught me something right. Like that's the game

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