ESPN's Kevin Arnovitz on NBA All Star voting

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And now the low post welcome to the low post podcast where we are somehow halfway through the NBA season. Which means it is a fishery time to start thinking about all stars. And to do that. I could think of no one better known who's more excited about the all star game all star weekend and a fixture. If you roll into like, the the G Q party at three in the morning, and it's really thumping yuno ESPN's, Kevin arnovitz is going to be at the center of it. It's like it's like Joel Embiid and Kevin arnovitz and they're at the center that Mr. arnovitz, how are you? I'm well. How are you? Good. Did that accurately describe your all star weekend? Yeah. I I'm actually goading going to boulder sitting vodka for all star weekend very excited about this. I'm going to the Dominican Republic. My wife, my wife, very my wife wanted we do it's time. It's time to I haven't taken a vacation in season since Lynn Sanderson's, I missile insanity by accident. And so I figured this is safe and we're bringing the grandparents so he can hand my child to them and be normal human beings for a couple of days. I actually talked to L Horford about going to the fake Dominican. But it's still nice. I said, I know we're just want to go to a beach fetus, I'm gonna miss also do like all star that doesn't mean that we can escape our obligation to pick two participants in an exhibition game. Do you want to start with the east or the west? Well, I mean, that's an interesting question. I feel like well, I mean, obviously, the west is populated with more talent. I mean, it's incredible. When you gotta do this exercise. The like the contrast you have to talk yourself in the west out of guys in the east. You have to talk yourself into guys. So I, you know, what the east always gets precedent in this country like television things everything as they west coast denizen. Let's do the west. I it's also the better. Wow. Okay. We'll do. We'll do the west. I so here here are the rules. I made you I didn't I didn't demand. Final picks. In fact, my picks are are not completely finalized. Yes. But when I do this I like to like to ignore the fan vote completely and just pay. I don't even know pick. The I don't even know apparently Luca weight or doing very well. And pick twelve the full twelve person roster for free conference and. I lamb basted the NBA last week for the continued fealty to both positions and conference. Like, why are we doing twelve and twelve it stood Iran? Can I rant about a couple of things, and we can get it out of the way? Yes complained anymore. All right. A right if we're not playing with versus let's just take the best reserves respective of conference, easy, even more than that. And it's something, you know, we talked about in a word voting anybody in the NBA watching basketball these days when we're talking about front court in backward. I mean, I think you and I've been talking for years about point wings bigs, right? Like, I the fact that there is very little distinguishing twos and threes on most teams this days. The it's just we need to get to a point where it's perimeters and Biggs or again point wing big or something because it's just there the modern Cain does not accommodate these classifications. And I just don't. Like, I don't get surely they know this like this is the product. It's actually a great thing talk about position basketball. This is one of the great they sell this brand of basketball as a reason to tune in. So why not have all star voting for that matter awards voting conform to this new era of of basketball? So so I am basted another word that do not know the origin of the NBA office for for all of this stuff. It sounds like a turtle. Yeah. Based Basting something I don't know how to base the Turkey. I'm really not very useful very hard for almost any household. I have to cook dinner tonight because my life is sick. I have to I have to my wife is six I had to do everything in the morning.

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