Live From DC: America's Favorite Sandwich - burst 08


Whereas certainly his campaign staff and sometimes supporters can spark a lot of conflict right. Maybe you're someone who it was pretty well off but you feel like I want. The country moved to the left right. He kind of has biggest feelings toward you so you now. You could say that Warren wanted to bring out those more antagonistic elements of the sanders campaign and maybe sanders himself which are associated with the burning. We saw in the first half of the year. That was kind of at fifteen percent and it seemed to have more of the new Bern. It's twenty percent and higher favorability ability ratings. Yeah I actually don't have like really strong. Sent for a debate is dominating the news cycle who who benefit. But I I think that is that is a good way to think about it of like okay. Does four grounding the conversation help help Warren by some voters just kind of reevaluating their thinking but also just by like kind of inherently in this setup sanders is on the anti woman. Isn't the the right thing. But SORTA like. He's just like the way the way it's framed. He's sort of like making this case. I understand he's like not he's he's describing the the world sees it but the counterpoint to that is what makes getting which is like the PC political correctness has runamuck crowd is not just in the Republican Party. That's in the Democratic Party too. I think that a lot of sanders supporters and so does feelings rise

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