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Welcome to the digital podcast. I'm Brian Marcy this weekend. Georgia Jacob Jacob is the CEO of Flight House. which if you don't aflaid houses digital digital media company most tectonic but beyond tectonic does stout a number of us what like a billion a month billing vis a month? Yeah twenty one million subscribers bribers on Tick Tock Jacob. Himself is Gen Z.. CEO You described as a baby face of a baby face. Mogul that works. Twenty five eight and also The New Yorker said that Jacob has the radic energy of champion sled dog on on a break. How accurate do you think that is both say? We'll see weirdly Jacob. The same thing has been said about me. Oh why energy. So let's let's talk about. Let's talk about Flight House first and then then how you got involved but like for those who are unfamiliar. Who might not be inflate houses You you know. Target demographic explain it. Yeah for sure. So essentially flight house is Basically the largest entertainment brand on six right now so we're really the only ones producing original content So for anyone. That's not familiar with like tick tock. Of course it's a short form mobile APP a little similar to just kind of like a newer sort of breed of it right. Yeah And even like you know Taylor Lorenzo's point who was like on this podcast like she's like it's just way more robust than vine and just a lot more editing features. A different kind of sense of humor. Humor so essentially a very simple way of like describing us to someone that might not be familiar as like. We're the you know. Think about this as like a buzzfeed complex of tick tock so we're producing original content while everyone else is kind of you know creators in their own right. But we're making individual sort of tick Tock Stars and whatnot like what you're doing and is your building a brand brand. Yeah exactly so explain. I mean you have series. We have a serious so one of our biggest ones. Actually which I think to date has probably done over. I would say in the range of like one to two hundred million views. Overall is this one called Finish the tick tock later. That's cool. Yeah those those always do really well. I think the first when we upload it did like thirty million views on the first episode and it just went super crazy on the platform also explain. I mean it's always weird. You have to explain tectonics not yeah do explain for those who've who have not seen it at how or how it works super simple So obviously finished. The lyric is kind of a popular segment. It's kind of around the Internet right like like on Youtube and instagram. We've seen it where a popular song is played. And then the two guests that are playing it Essentially it stops at a certain point. Where like let's say it's the hook and then whoever presses the Buzzer I had dreams where I can't move Thing and guesses the lyric correctly wins inking of of you. So we've basically taken that segment and introduced it specifically for Tick Tock so we get big talk traders as well as You know big take talk songs kind of in the mix and so you have all these kind of very relevant names to the platform like guessing the lyric and it's like very interactive with the audience. Okay so explain tick tock songs. Yeah not ever hold this like familiar with that word subculture of its own. I mean you know I think old town roads. That's probably the biggest example of that. And then you have songs like la La la You know by whites. UK and BB. No money Released all these different records that are blowing up added Tick Tock I think as of recent we've seen that Arizona's Urfa Song Roxanne for Drug San Right now. I'll come on on this. Let's stick nick with with Old Town road. All right we'll see the big one hip to Tanaz. Yeah exactly but now explain I mean there. There are a lot of songs that blow up up until now so I mean this this is John Nra The the complete the lyrics like they exist outside of ticked on. Yeah I mean it's you know it's you adapted it to tick Tock back So basically a lot of these songs Blow up on Tick Tock right so a lot of these creators and users and when I say creators as I mean anyone from the big you know multi-million users to even just people that have a few thousand Get behind these different trends and essentially you know make talks if everyone kind of gets on the same page. That's an old town road happens differen- But a lot of these records the music industry right now is like really really really really prioritizing talk because obviously the the known ways of blowing up records are like spotify apple music youtube and so talking aways like a new soundcloud to the music industry. Okay you know on soundcloud. You had a lot of these artists like you know the whole soundcloud rap wave like pomp. And whoever and even billy ILITCH got big on on southbound right So now it's breeding a lot of these artists like soundcloud where you have You know little Nasdaq's and whites UK and Arizona and so that's kind of where part of our business model fits in is sort of working with the music industry to figure out the best way to kind of engage tick tock So they kind of promote their records so tick tock itself Self Sununu type of platform. So what makes media that works on Tick Tock I mean. We've I think a lot of us have seen who aren't on talk you know. Have I've seen the compilations and stuff like this. And there's a lot of creativity there but how do you translate that into into media. You know. Series repeatability yeah. I mean I think we're sort of scratching the surface on that right now Obviously I think in media there's a way to kind of entertain your audience where you sort give them the low hanging fruit and then over time you try to reel them into something That's a little bit sort of Bigger than that initial concept right so our way of kind of Are Low hanging fruit was finished a toddler. We kind of knew that if we gave them a product that was easily digestible. They'd be able to Kinda take face value but then I think as we kind of go forward it's like how do we make it less. SORTA talk specific and more flight. How specific and how does our brand really show and You know I think I was thinking about this the other day. I definitely think that you know one of the things that really make successful. Content of ours is interactivity so when we can kind of create a series where our audiences can kind of play along and they kind of do that with finish the tick tock lyric right like when they're watching it. They kind of feel like they're playing along as well and they can kind of guess. The lyric Kinda jump in there and I think that there's probably a huge factor for the success in our content. What are some other series? The F- We have finished the tick tock lyric. We have another one called Shit Talk Right now where we basically get artists that actually when we pull it up right now you see podcast Jacob. Yeah we have a lot of really a lot of cool new ones that were kind of rolling out right now but let me ask you this. Is there anything that you tried on tic TAC. That didn't work and why. Oh I didn't work Yeah we've had a lot of series that we've kind of rolled out that haven't done as well as finished at six and we try to make educated guesses as to why they don't work can again. I think interactivities kind of one of those ones that we always fall back on is like if we can make it as interactive as we can. It's always gonNA perform better Oh Yeah we have another one called like Suggestion box basically like fans will kind of jump in and Okay so interactive seems to be under activity read for sure for sure on talk for sure and then like even you know one that that didn't do as well as we wanted. It's Hugh But that was a really cool series was We had this one called it. was basically artist trippy. Read sure yes. So he was on. He was on Flight House recently. And it was this series called love advice with trippy red and and we actually got him a relationship therapist Inside our facility and trippy basically went through like fan comments of like Them them wanting relationship advice in Lubbock is and him in the relationship that are pissed with kind of like answer the questions and give advice and it okay On talk it has like I think three hundred four hundred thousand views on youtube right now which is like decent in our is But I think it wasn't as interactive. It was more of it was more of a one way thing versus like a two way interactive thing you know and I think that's just kind of what we're trying to build right now. So how do you see the type of media that works on Tick Tock. Different from the type of media works on say snapchat. Yeah it's pretty similar. I mean I think tick tock we definitely try to target it's at its Gen Z.. Culture Like just hyper focused on that. Like who are the artists that they find very relevant to the tick Tock Stars that they find really relevant snapshots pretty similar because is it is sort of mobile. I and the way that you sort of consume content is like vertical. It's mobile and like that's how we produce all of ours has Tom. I have a younger audience. Are you aiming for a different type of audience than than you would. I mean it depends on how you define that right like after like thirteen. Eighteen to seventeen right now a big portion of our audiences around thirteen to twenty okay and mostly female thing about snapchat though and I will say this is something that we don't do on talk is the graphics snapshots very graphic. It'll like a lot of stuff moving like in Ou- spinning For us as we try to just keep it focused on the person for now but we're experimenting with a lot of stuff even next year. Okay so who makes this stuff. We have team. Yeah so we have editor Tina. The seventeen year olds or their house. Yeah I know we're all kind of in our twenty something. Okay Yeah so you know we've been around the block. He's a Dovan stuff go. Yeah Yeah so how did you become involved with. You didn't start flight. Oh No so when I was around eighteen. You're you're like brought in as as the the old guy. Yeah exactly yes. So when I was eighteen I was working at our parent company. Create Music Group where I'd been there for a couple years because The one of the cofounders flew out when I was like sixteen and I just did a lot of business development and anr for them. And at the time I was trying to figure out like new creative ways to kind of promote our artists and so I saw musically. 'cause I was just very familiar with the space and I saw this page called Flight House and I just kept seeing everywhere so when it was at like a million followers Reached Out Start it's Kinda work with the kids that started it who were probably like a year two younger than I was at the time it was two brothers and we sort of brought them in and we acquired The brand from them and then just they were just like creating content on their own so it wasn't even original content. At the time it was it was like remixes so basically on musically there was sort of a library of music that users can tap into right so they'd offer all the top forty songs and in you know any song that was pretty much put out by a major label and where Flight House got big was they would upload sort of sped up at its and slowed down and remix versions of songs And the users on musically sort of found that to be like a valuable enough thing to follow a paid for and so some of these remixes would get like you know ten thousand one hundred thousand sometimes up to a million repos on musically at the time and that sort of how it started and then as it turned into tick tock we were like all right. Let's figure you're out a way that this can be more than just a remix sort of brand.

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