Why was everyone disappointed by the AFC and NFC championship games?



Both the AFC and NFC championship games were stinkers neither lived up to the hype I'll push back on the first one I don't know what people really expected I get that this was a Tennessee team that it was a team people maybe started to buy into because of Derek can range because of the fact that they defeated the patriots and defeated the Baltimore Ravens and was anyone other than Nate Burleson who on the CBS Bob pregame show he picked the Tennessee Titans I think to win by four five points was anyone else pick in Kansas city lose this game what was anyone so I don't expect that to be a great game I expected that to be a blowout what I would say though and where I would push back is that the first step but don't was entertaining enough and and the other day I met the other day it was awful it was brutal that was a boring football game unless if you're forty I understand you were loving it because if you're a fan of a team that's the best type again you can get when it's a blow out you dont that any stress you're going to have time it's twenty seven did not thing and you're trying to talk yourself into Hey I'd the score quickly would you know Green Bay they they had a response for a little bit maybe if you start to feel a bit tight but you know that game was over so the second game there is no doubt was absolute stinker was an absolute blowout was an absolute pedestrian football game it was so boring that second game still though you need to give credit where credit is due because that is been a team this year other than the game against the Baltimore Ravens where they could won that game too there's really never a moment when you look at the forty Niners and you were disappointed with them this year I even act and I wasn't disappointed when they are lost the ravens either because it was a close game but that's what this team is done all throughout the year no matter who you put in front of them they find a way to get the job done and the San Francisco forty Niners and a lot of the times it's not even close and going back to when the year started when we look at the San Francisco forty Niners what did you think about that it may be if everything goes right they would be at best the sixty member Jimmy J. in there and the beginning where he was in training camp down interception after interception people saying are you know I this is a quarterback is not worth the money is not worth the money and identity only to rate passes the other day but that's what you need to do that's all I need to do to get a victory they would've been fullest nine a day elected to throw the football there they need to do it because most was running modeled for over two hundred yards and four touchdowns but you were back in the forty Niners team this year thirty one to seventeen the ball out Tampa Bay forty one seventeen they blot Cincinnati the bridge work twenty four twenty the first time I think they really delivered a big time statement was up against the Browns that was a Monday Night Football game it was thirty one to thirty wasn't even close then they back it up with a victory over the rams twenty seven all right didn't play great in that monsoon of a game against the Redskins but they still one nine nothing they crushed Carolina fifty one to thirty one Caroline at a very good record then I Jimmy G. step up and make that big third down throw against the cardinals they went twenty to twenty five all right they suffer the first loss this was the Seattle twenty seven twenty four game is that over time they bounce back they beat Arizona thirty six to twenty six they crushed green bank thirty seven to eight they lose the Baltimore at some questionable play calling at the end and they lose twenty to seventeen them beat the saints forty eight forty six all right that the heck up they lose to let the twenty nine to twenty two but a led display better at the end of the season then beat the rams are Jimmy G. makes those two big turning sixteen diversion thirty four thirty one and they had the memorable finish up against the Seahawks which led them into a bye let them into the number one overall seed and wasn't a great first half against the Vikings they make the big turnover was Sherman and the second half they win that game and they dismantled the Packers all throughout the year the Packers they were a team that we are trying to say that they were great but the bad guys never I never really looked at and said wow that's great football team sure there were times defense look really good the president's very Smith sure there were times where Rodgers stepped up and delivered and evidence by last week those two big third down throws doesn't want Adams sure there were times with Jones tolling for twenty touchdown drive the number was yeah there were times where in pieces you said well this is really impressed about the Packers but as a team you never looked at them as a dominant team even with the inflator record of thirteen and three we're on the other side you see what Kansas city was doing it was that slow start they had some losses early on my homes gets hurt defense wasn't playing well and really ever since we go live in on that team in Kansas city all started to gel moms is back he was helping my homes was with the weapons that they have that was never really concerned about the offense and then defensively that was the team that has started to improve a Frank Clark with the honey badger entire on that do you and they totally did a complete one eighty with their defense with that defense doesn't have to be great that defense just has to be good and of that defense is good or even an average with the way that that quarterback threw for playoff games by the way for playoff games sixty two point seven percent completion percentage one thousand one hundred and eighty eight yards passing eleven touchdowns and no interceptions first your S. C. title game loss where it was it was it is small and second year now they're in the Superbowl third total year in the league but study the is the this does second time starting his first year he's behind Alex but then they get one start that season and if you look at that's run fifty one to seven they outscored Houston after going down twenty four nothing after going down seventeen to seven the Tennessee twenty eight to seven he threw the touchdown passes last year and his first full season starting at the end of the quarterback position this is a video game this is sensational and it just keeps on getting impressive an impressive week after week it's almost as if you want to just keep seeing them go down twenty four points and how they're gonna find a way to come on back and we set it up last week well you can't go down big the Tennessee with the way they run the football they went down ten points and still the game in the second half was over this time around again the forty Niners maybe it'll be different because the way that defense plays but it's it's amazing what Holmes is doing it really is and both these teams I would say that the two best teams I know that that's where we are at the finish line but when you look at it I thought can seize guns to brought before this season and the other thing that team and the forty Niners all throughout the year they've been the best team and they keep on showing the showing up but they keep on passing the test we get a

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