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Ever gotten a flu shot. You're probably going to get the flu. I know right. Actually sorry to be that guy but actually back but it's not quite true men. Have you gotten your flu shot. I did It was at the NPR wellness variables plug employees anyways. It's funny that you bring up the point that you made Kirk There are a lot of misconceptions about the flu and the flu. Shot and a colleague of ours. Recently set to dispel some of those myths talking about Mattie So-fi she is the host of NPR's Daily Science podcast shortwave. Brand new podcast. Really really good science news. It's fun They had an entire episode on the show. All about the flu recently. clarinet misconceptions and telling us. Why didn't that flu shot is the thing you have to do? So here's my chat with Mattie about the Flu Madison Fire. Hi Hello how are you. I'm excellent Sam. You had an entire episode about the flu recently. Recently on shortwave. You took questions from listeners and you had some experts help you answer those questions absolutely. Yeah I talked to a woman named Dr Nicole Bouvier. She's at the ICAHN School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and she not only researches the flu Sam she also treats patients I do. That's kind of like showing awful little bit. Well it's the best of both worlds. I I really liked patients. But I don't like waking up early. So lab is perfect for that so doctor Bouvier knows a lot about what the flu does to our bodies and how scientists are trying to kind of outsmart. Okay I don't know a lot about the flu Like my biggest question for he first and foremost is out of you. Know if you have the flu or just the cold. Yeah it's I mean it's a good question because a lot of the symptoms are really similar so the flu and the cold are caused by two completely completely different viruses But they both infect your respiratory tract so meaning they affect like your mouth your lungs your nose your throat in the cold pretty much only messes with you in that area but the flu on the other hand being the garbage virus that is doesn't stop respiratory track. Ill Messy right up Sam so with influenza so you get sort of what we call systemic symptoms which are things like fever. Lethargy not feeling like eating feeling like you get hit by a truck muscle lakes headaches that really with the common cold you tend not to get I mean I feel like I got hit by a drunk. You know at the end of every work week honestly Sam is worse than that. I'm GonNa tell you so the things she said. The fever is pretty key so not everybody who has the flu gets a fever but doctor told me that if she does see a patient with a fever and a cough during flu season. There's something like an eighty percent chance. That Person Persson has the flu cough fever together during flu. Season the flu. Oh yeah all right. How big is the flu? How many folks get every year? I always hear people dying from the I've never seen someone die. Yeah I mean I think that we forget just like how big of a deal. The flu is so last year. This is kind of a current estimate that might change but the CDC says that forty five million people got sick with the flu last season which is roughly the population of the entire state of California right and it gets a lot of people sick and about sixty one thousand people died last year for the flu. It was a really bad season. And you know the flu and the Monja consistently certainly are in the top ten causes of death in the United States so it is pretty serious. Okay so then the fix for this is more flu shots and I'm supposed to get did I got one this year. in your episode shortwave about the flu. You talked about how that flu shot and vaccine is made it involves eggs. Yeah yes Sam okay so nobody wants me to walk through the entire process of other vaccines. We would die here Sam of old age not the flu old age. I mean you you probably listening to me. Honestly I'm just going to say but but yes. The most common way we make flu vaccine starts with live viruses that are used to infect act act. It takes months. It's a process that's been used for probably about seventy years in a lot of scientists are actually trying to find better ways to make flu vaccines. It's all right. So let's get into some Misconceptions about the flu shot being and I hear this all the time from friends and family. While if I get the flu shot that I might get the flu. Yeah like people think the shot will give them the flu. I mean it's just it's not true so especially for the flu shot specifically when they do process process those eggs after the viruses grown up there are multiple steps of killing the virus in most cases they even bust that up and a tiny little bits and pieces and then kind of scoop the bits that are important for the vaccine so after all that processing is done. There's no live virus left in that flu shot. And even if there was Sam the flu shot goes in your arm influenza viruses are designed or optimized to infect your respiratory tract if you put them somewhere else they're not going to be able to grow the same way that they they are in your respiratory tract and you're not GonNa get the symptoms that you get a Ha- so you. There's no way you can get the flu from a flu. Shot Okay but even if I go through all this go to my doctor's doctor's office get their flu. Go through all the pain. I can still get the flu after the flu shot. Yeah so okay. Mattie was the use of this conversation uh-huh so getting the flu shot. Reduce your chance of getting the flu by about forty to sixty percent not enough when fluids pick the right strains but listen up Sam. It's not the design. This flu shot twice a year. The World Health Organization gets together a bunch of these scientists who share data from like influence surveillance sites throughout the entire world and decide like okay. These are the types of flu. We think are GONNA go round next flu season and then they develop that vaccine but even if you do get the Flu Sam and you've had your flu shot. That flu shot can make the flu less terrible in the people who still get flu despite having the flu shot it actually can make you less sick than you would have been if you didn't get the flu shot at all. You know if you were going to be in bed for three days you might be in bed for two days and time is money Sam. It is that's true and so that's mostly been shown in people that are really high risk for bad flu complications like ammonia. But Dr Bouvier told me it's probably true for just young unhealthy folks like you. Same Sanders healthy. I'm old entire and the last thing you know about the flu and the flu shot Sam that even if you are young and healthy and think like It's a hassle I. I'll be fine if I get the flu. You are the person that could be passing that virus under somebody for whom the flu could be really big deal like a new baby. You'RE GONNA meet Anna Christmas party or your grandmother. People like that. Those people who are at higher risk of complications. You don't WanNa be the one who then goes ahead and gives them the flu. You're not just protecting yourself. You're protecting other people who either can't get the vaccine themselves or for whatever reason they won't respond to it quite quite as well. Don't be that guy. Sam Okay. I believe her. I do last question for you. Matty have you ever had the flu. And if so what kind of patient is Mattie. What kind of sick persons Mattie? Well I get my flu shot every year. Sam Sometimes I yell immune system activate when they

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