City of Palo Alto, California, may start fining people for vaping in public


Hello hello also also is is considering considering fines fines for for teen teen to to fade fade been been public public this this comes comes after after the the city became the latest in California banned the sale of vaping products in brick and mortar stores city councilman mark Tanaka tells connects the right now there's no real consequences for students who are caught vaping fine it has interesting effect which is that you know to find large enough like lessons on a twenty dollar fine which lost his part how long has caused in spite how twenty dollars to pay something like that but it is a fine large enough that a student would have to probably get the pencil pay for it what happens is it it brings parental Ennis as well still exists here still studying the possibility of implementing finds including how much they would be enforced and how much they would be a staff report expected early next

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