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From workhouse connect in. Aj Benza vein. he likes to be walked on a leash and play really dirty kinky sex tapes. CBS The guy. Put the cock in the peacock network. Okay Bitch Hey everybody. Aj Bentiu here for fame bitch. This is your daily unfiltered unfiltered podcasts. For January eighth twenty twenty wishing. They're happy birthday to my brother-in-law Jack out there in Buffalo Grove California some very much love and like father. I hope to see him in February. He listens to this show show when he goes out jogging. And how much jog. And he's doing January in Chicago but Once in a while it gets the earphones in take the listen to what's going on in gossip believe it or not. Even though he's in his mid seventies he likes to listen to the crazy shit. That's happening in Hollywood. I'll tell you what I'm getting a little sick and tired right of. I'm getting a little sick and tired of hearing about Lori. Loughlin and her husband enter to snotty kids. This this college admissions scandal that they're involved in have been involved in for months. It's gone on long enough. It really is. You know you realize these kids have dropped out of school altogether. Now right so this whole fucking thing could have been avoided if anybody's really still following this disaster. They can tell you the Livia jade and Isabella rose. Those wonderful children have officially dropped out of USC and last week there was a story straight out of the Kevin. Hart Will Ferrell movie. Get get hard that Lori. Highway prison consultant the teacher. The INS and outs of living inside the walls prison and that she also hired a self a martial allots expert to teach you how to defend yourself you know. Make sure she can fight back with some of these big bull dykes came in the ship. It doesn't happen that way. Well what a bunch of bullshit. Both stories neither a true. Trust me and while you're getting your your your bullshit story together and how innocent. You are Laurie the other half your your brain isn't like listen. Honey I gotta go break bricks with my hands now to get ready for Cellblock D. It's not the way it happens. No they're sitting hard for this fight because they really believe they did nothing wrong and honestly in the circles of the wealthy they did. What a Hun- hon of them? Do they paid a lot of money to get their precious spoiled brats into the schools. They really had their hearts on attending not so much for an education. Mind you but you know what would help their instagram profiles and maybe make them more money as influencers influencers neither of them give gave a fuck about actually pursuing a degree. You kidding me but this latest theory. That's making the rounds now from she and her husband's twisted mind is. Hey you know those photos. We paid to have our kids on rowing machines. You know so. They could get scholarships and theoretically be on the rowing team even though they've never rode let alone ever done anything strenuous in their lives. Those pictures never made it in the admission papers so technically you. You can't punish us for that. That's what's going on now right. So what's next. Are they going to say the pictures were taken. Because the kids want to apply for jobs at twenty four hour fitness or. Maybe they wanted to get some kind of branding deal at Nordic track. Come on is it bad that I wanna live you. Jade and Isabella rose in jail. More than I want. Laurie Lachlan jail. Trust when this trial is eventually begins. Lori Lock. What is going to be asking Harvey Weinstein to borrow his Walker so she can get some kind of sympathy on the win? I can't believe justice drags on this long. Just give her six fuck in Montana and let us all move on and by the way. I'm watching Dr Oz. You know I I usually sit in the bed as I do when I do all my work and I can't the TV kind of on low. and Dr is has the two chicks chicks who wrote the story Harvey Weinstein in New York Times cantering twohey Jodi Kantor Megan twohey and I talked to us us and now he has a segment called true crime and these women are on talking about getting justice after someone was being sexually harassed by hobby. It isn't this fucking guy at Dr. Why is he why is he talking midday about sex trial and how how many prospective jurors are right now sitting home watching this kind of shitty afternoon TV? I'd say a large percentage of them so that's not good neither. Was it any good that in the jury room yesterday in the pool room there are numerous posts lying around the tables which all had various articles about Weinstein and this case inside them. Listen I'm not saying the guy's in angel but this is not how you run a fair trial so so far so bad but seriously when it comes to Dr Oz. Since when does being a doctor mean a guy can go off in many directions and a portion of America keeps listening and buying into his bullshit. Apparently he now has. Maybe this is on for a while. I don't watch this shit. But apparently early. He's got a section of his show called true crime science medicine and mystery. Get the Fuck Outta here your your heart. Doctor what do I what is going on the Dr. Oz has a fan base of the craigslist and the under inform and when he comes on his show talking about the latest all natural extract that will melt the pounds off you or maybe even five cancer. He should he products with his name on it fly off the shelves. That's what's really important right. I mean as long as fools reach into their pockets. He keeps making dough. I mean that's what the hippocratic oath is all about right. It's unbelievable. I saw a tweet from from Dr. Oz is very busy twitter account some time ago and it got me pissed off at by the way it's been deleted now but maybe if you check his website it'll still be there but It's not about cancer per se or about dieting. Not even about ways to look young or or you know live a better life. What it's `bout is the latest bulletin from the frontiers of medicine? In case you know according to Dr Oz is a strategy yet. He wrote for Centuries we've used astrological signs to examine our personality and how we interact with those around us. Discover what your astrological Jiggle signed can tell you about your health. How can this guy keep a straight fucking face but you know what that's his best attribute doctor ause houses main qualification? He keeps a straight face no matter what bullshit. He's holding up to the camera by the way. This is not the daily unfiltered show. It's the regular data Thrice weekly free podcasts. My mistake but the point is this. Is this how the young doctor is in medical school back. When he was a young guy you know saw himself what would he have thought if he could have had a vision of himself in twenty twenty with some gray on his temples talking about using fucking constellations for better health? Come on what are you have been shocked or palled wondering how it ever came to this. You know a very dangerous thing happens to a lot of people. When they realized that they're comfortable in front of a camera or microphone? They start to thinking themselves is something much bigger than what they actually are. I mentioned the same thing about having your your photo appear above your column in a newspaper. It changes changes. Who you think you are so I never wanted one and got a big enough ego to as it is? I don't fucking picture myself above it but the current version of Dr Minute Oz is a guy with a TV show to host products to move guests to Not Out blanking Lee Blanket Blind facially basically as a as a as he just plugs books and now solve crimes. I it's fucking real. What I could barely League watch was him trying to talk about the dangers of these? NDA's that some women signed after they had meetings shall we say with Harvey Weinstein where that falls in line with medicine. I don't know.

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