Still waiting for Judiciary Committee's final impeachment votes


Five times members of the house Judiciary Committee voted on GOP amendments to the two articles of impeachment against president trump five times the vote total was identical chairman there seventeen eyes in twenty three knows the amendment is not agreed to the debate has been going on for most of the day and into the night on Capitol Hill Republicans say the Democrats don't have the facts to support the articles abuse of power and obstruction of Congress Louisiana congressman Mike Johnson says the obstruction charge failed because the Democrats didn't call on the judiciary to rule on president trump's claim of blanket executive privilege he's met was never intended to be a remedy for political disagreements it wasn't intended to be a remedy even for legal disagreements between the legislative branch and the executive branch that's why there's a third branch of government that's why we have the judiciary but California Democrats Orloff consist trap is been running roughshod over the constitution not only that the president has done that but that he is not contrite he's not correcting his behavior he's continuing to do it the committee is expected to vote sometime tonight on the articles of

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