Ross and Carrie Meet Nick Little: Homeopathic Lawsuit Edition


Hello and welcome Ndo no Ross. And Carrie the show where we don't just report on for in science spirituality and claims of the paranormal but take part ourselves Yup when they make claims we show up. So you don't have to. I'm nick little. I'm Carrie. Poppy I as well to nick little. I'm spartacus the lawyers in the room. Thinks on his feet I guess. No we have a special guest today. Nick little welcome tone arising thank you good to be here. I pleasure you met nick in Las Vegas yes at Sei con and then again here in Los Angeles shortly thereafter and and Nick was giving an excellent talk about a fight against homeopathy. But Nick has a very special position as the sole lawyer I am. CF is legal department. Yes yes this is at now center for inquiry. Yeah we talk about CFI every now and then on the show we all talk about the CFI the investigations group wing of that. I've been involved with for many many years and our first episode was recorded at the old. CF I- office and guess what we are now at the new CFI office which is still in La but now on Temple Street yeah come on by visit. There's going to be lectures all kinds of stuff. And that's at least that the old one that's where Kerry and I I met that's right club a club. I'm now co lead of that Book Club. We still meet every month if anybody's in L. A.. And wants to come talk about. Books is trying to get people to your book. I am absolutely the more the Mary Nick. How long have you been working with just over six years? I think it was six years in September that I started. And how did they lure you in. I'd like to give this sort of great story about how you know. I was led by the heart and emotion to the nonprofit world but I'll to law school I worked for a a big law. Firm represented fortune five hundred companies and received obscene paychecks. So doing and probably would of ended up doing that for the rest of my life because the paychecks are really compelling sure I'm syncing regretted and my phone went bankrupt really ooh God which which kind of happens to law firms occasionally and just imploded and through a combination of very weird circumstances and says I was offered another couple of jobs and failed the conflict check because I've done and then I was offered a job and it turned out that it was the law firm that my brother works for in the London office. And they have anti nepotism world. But he's not your nephew. Indeed you know I got. I need a job. I saw advertised that which was an organization. Confess I had never heard of. I was looking for somebody to though I amendment law which was kind of a passion of mine and so I applied without thinking a lot about that and then the more all right look at the organization I was like this is great. And if I don't get out of the big low world now I am never going to do it right. I'm so I took the plunge and I went off from work and I always say that I much prefer my job now to my old job two days a month when eh the first one came into nightly took it back to run Lensey at the time. I think there's a misprint. No zero somewhere. Oh my goodness misplaced. We should probably describe. CFI A little more. The center for inquiry was founded in nineteen seventy six thereabouts By Paul Kurtz and other leading lights of the critical thinking skeptical humanist Atheist Movement you had Isaac Asimov Carl Sagan. I'm James Randi Lot of those types involved early on in it's kind of existed for many years in two parts. You have your council for secular humanism which is all about sort of that humanist side more the philosophy side and then what was originally the committee for skeptical inquiry of claims of the paranormal S. I I just notice I cop yes okay. Not sure I had ever known instead I I may have messed up the CSI part of it because now it's just CSI it's not to be confused with CSI Miami or the other TV shows but it's the committee for skeptical inquiry. I think the original psycho had a different acronym boot good. Yeah so you came in six years ago now. We really brushed past what sounded like a very juicy. You See story what the Hell happened with your firm and what what were your conflicts of interest. This is the real juicy stuff neck. I wish I mean I wish the the foam went bankrupt Tom if they even have. La Office okay and a fell into the problem of expanding too quickly. Okay and have have a Salt Lake City office. I think which never made any money. Okay Mormons elements and they don't do anything wrong. Yeah and what happened with me on conflicts. lex They totally bizarre was had done seven hours work on a huge class action lawsuit that was representing. I can't even remember if we were representing or defending against the dairy farmers of microbes. Like milk price fixing literally did seven billable hours on this house else. Just something I filled in when I had some slow time And we would have to have got a signature to waive the conflict from every single angled member of the plaintiff's class that was like every thousand dairy amazing. CIC probably wasn't going to happen so net could go off from what for another. Solis got it. Wow a milky or story than I thought but not that. Jessie yes. Okay so then you came here. Also Solis but in a good way. Yes yes good solace and you were drawn to the First Amendment side of things so why would cfi what. Why would they be interested in First Amendment Law? Well they advertised the position in this was I was a little concerned about it I they described himself as a secular organization tonight. The first time I read it I thought it said sectarian organizations convinced applying to sort of a Catholic human human rights so tons out so get it did was talking about work and international human rights work and charged site separation law. And if you look at law school everyone takes criminal law classes in everyone takes the constitutional law classes because that Pham on and it's Great. It provides you conversation to talk about in bars some when you walk in lower northern things and then you end up working proofreading some four hundred page contracts for an oil company. Nobody practices what they want to. And everybody goes to law school saying I'm going to be a public defender or I'm going going to be a prosecutor on the. I'm going to work for a nonprofit and no one ever done you end up doing the drywall in the the lawyer industry. Yes and you get rewarded awarded very very nicely for but every lawyer I know they live for that. Pro Bono cases. Yeah I had some great ones arm and gives you a chance to you feel I making the world a better place. Exactly one person at the time you get the cool stories out of at night so many thought. Maybe I will get to do this like all the time. We're on the five percent of the time that my law firm would allow me to work not paid.

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