Flying Taxis Will Be Taking Off Sooner Than You Think


January twenty seventh seven well if you're anything like millions of city dwellers the thing you most dread on a Monday morning might be your commute in places like L. A.. New York Boston and Denver. It can take forty minutes or more to drive five or six miles. Tell me about it. So the idea of simply lifting off and flying to your destination out of the fray of traffic might seem well Utopian but of course. They promised his flying cars years ago right well that dream may in fact be somewhat closer to real sooner than it seems possible. Well believe it or don't earlier this month at the consumer electronic show automaker Hyundai Motor should offer prototype. Its first flying taxi. That's that's right. The Essay won a four person. Electric powered aircraft that like a helicopter takes off and lands vertically like a drone. It has multiple propellers and it's much quieter than a helicopter once airborne it'll use wings for lift like a plane report. CNBC Hyundai says the essay. One can fly about sixty miles. At one hundred eighty miles per hour flying taxis will travel low in the air at heights from a thousand to two thousand feet though. Get you from one side of a crowded city to another or or perhaps from an outlying suburb to your urban office But who will be able to afford such luxury will if uber has its way anyone who can now swing the cost of an Uber Black rideshare. It's most expensive level. Should be able to pay for a flying taxi trip according to NBC Uber plans to bring the price down over time through its division Uber. Air Uber envisions being the on demand. Flying taxi platform. You'll order a ride through an APP just like you can order up a rideshare now and by the way much like you can now order a helicopter. Ride through Uber. If you happen to live in New York City and can spare. Money Uber partnered with Hyundai to develop the ESA one. But it's also been partnering with Bell. The helicopter maker and other aircraft manufacturers to create other prototypes of electric drone like personal little air vehicles like Hyundai Bell displayed. Its latest prototype. The Nexus for X. at the consumer electronics show as well in the earliest these days of flying taxis. The aircraft will require pilots but ultimately they'll be autonomous in fact making these air-taxis pilotless is the key to making air taxi travel affordable according to CNN Uber predicts will be hailing the small electric vehicles by twenty twenty three from Dallas Los Angeles and in Melbourne Australia but experts disagree. That's unrealistic mini. Say because simply getting certified by the FAA could take years according to CNN. Moreover these taxes will take off and land from skype ports landing strips on the tops of high rise buildings the infrastructure to make that possible still needs to be built. Uber also envisions unleashing squads of autonomous vehicles. That'll carry customers to the takeoff sites. Then there's an extensive new air traffic management even system that needs to be built to build such a system Uber partnered with NASA according to The Guardian newspaper. That's critical once. These new taxes are a reality. There won't it. Just be a few of them for the scheme to work. Financially Uber will have to have hundreds of thousands of them in the sky according to wired in addition to Hyundai and bell other manufacturers manufacturers are racing to build flying cars notable is Boeing which fluids prototype autonomous aircraft for the first time last year. CNN tells us. Forbes predicts predicts that Toyota two could be a viable player Forbes says automakers are rebranding themselves as mobility

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