Upgrade 278: The 2019 Upgradies - burst 13



So now we move into the best non apple products so the best product as used by up gradients and me and Jason not made by apple this year. The upgradings voted two point two percent for the bridge keyboard. We we have an entry here that I will mention but will not be included which is two point. Three percent is the Motorola Razor. Nobody's used this because it's not out yet but it is a really cool looking thing. We'll talk about this at some point in the future probably a two point. Six percent is the Tesla cyber truck. which kind of makes me a little bit upset? I think similar reasons. Nobody's used it but we'll keep keep going on and Nintendo switch light up five point two percent of the vote this is. The new Nintendo switch introduced this year. Which is purely portable And Nisa smaller design doesn't connect to a TV that kind of thing Jason. What is your favorite non apple product of the year? I kind of struggled with this one. It's difficult category. Sorry because I mean really. It's a non apple product who cares

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