All About Lectins and Other Fun Facts


In is actually one of the major key inflammatory things so when people talk talk about Gluten Right Electon is actually one of the thing and gluten makes the inflammatory response happened body. The gluten activator the election. Alexa like The way the dude explain it is like when you're when you get a splinter in your skin gets red bodies having like an anti inflammatory reaction electons or what do that internally internally okay so everybody suggests the main player in this right not true. That was the brain game changer from this dude. Dr Gunn got injury in the ultra. podcast anyway welcome to the PODCAST. Everybody so wait Chris. I'm pulling it up just to like not to play for you. What is where okay? It's all gluten contain Leptin. Yes so like if if you are if you need to avoid Latin whole new world gluten is not the answer so okay how. How do you avoid electing that? Is You do your best of luck. And so part of what blew my mind in this podcast. Is that like. There's a many people who go on a gluten free diet who actually absorbed and bring in more electins than if they were to just eat bread in moderation. What are the visualize electon? Oh man some of the vehicles that you would not suspect. ACT The skin on almonds so Marcona almonds Is it a fancy ones these reality from Italy just like de skinned but like so the skin get on almonds so there's people who like like legumes in general but not if so he's like but beans are actually good if you you have them either pressure cooked or you get a certain brand or you soak them really well for a long time because it's in the skin in the breakdown of the beans the elections come out and then you actually only get the goods from it. It was a very gnarly brain changer for me that after. I'M GONNA listen to multiple times through but I got the cookbook. It's called the plant. Oh and he did. A book called the plant paradox and it was essentially like this dude Dr Gunnery who happens to not be an adventist but work the Loma Linda System. which is like a really really high medical system interested in and he got on the board one of the only non adventist? He's so he doesn't doesn't have to be a believer. Yeah totally in. That doesn't happen often with that group. But he studies the blue zones pretty big time blue zones very all who don't know or the longest living zones in in the world like Okinawa area is one of them and then somewhere in the Mediterranean Mediterranean areas of mentoring. He's a big time proponent of even though there's not that exists exact one but he's like one of his statements is food exists. Good Clean Olive oil in your body because of polyphenols and they just like opened up at this whole interesting world where it's like. There's no perfect answer. The first half of the podcast is all what you shouldn't eat in the second half is things that you can eat okay. What's a few things that you shouldn't eat? That seemed like counter oftentimes actually like like I said he wasn't. I can't remember because it's been a week now. And we jumped in this podcast on the fly because Chris looked at my lunch and he's all right. What is that really burners on? You Know No. It's good but the biggest biggest one that stuck out to me whereas like hey actually bred by itself might not be as betty so there's people who are far more sick gluten free diet or a Vegan Diet because says okay like tomatoes super high electons was another one he said. Is that a nightshade thing. Maybe anything with seeds. That's it's like a fruit. He said. Okay it's another thing game change your mind blower. He's juicing is a surefire way to actually get fat. Well for sure. Sure yes but he said you WANNA use it right juice. It throw a juice away and pull all the pulp out any only the pulp. That's where all the goods are. Oh ooh so. It's getting all the good like fiber and all the fiber reverse juicing and the and and polyphenols which are pretty high. So it's like all things that happened in certain plants. Most most lettuces have more electons than you might realize. He said to stick stick to the group like fruit and Radicchio and those ones that are like more bitter Kale can Michael. I think I can't remember. I think he said Kale's pretty good but even so like basically what they do is they make your body inflame in some way or another. That was interesting. He said also. Like if you want. You'RE GONNA hate this one as a Paleo person. But he's like if I wanted to get rid of something like the people overeat it's proteins or protein is like one of the main things in aging us. Yes yeah you know. It's interesting that that is dead on. Because I think this is where most people get Paleo wrong right at the actual actual like since the beginning of the Paleo Diet now. I can't even remember who wrote the original book about it. But most literature revolving around Paleo actually advocates for just moderate protein. Yeah but I think that thirty grams a day I think because of the circles locals that those people run in which it happens to be tied into a fitness and a lot of cases right and a lot of lifting people over eat protein because they see it as a source for like quote unquote gains or big. Yeah or it's an easy win that fits into that Like the Paleo Vai. I believe it's just really easy for me to go and eat some protein and and feel like it's good for me but even like Like Mark Mark Sisson right. Who did did marks daily apple the blog and then now as one of the bigger advocates for Kito agrees that in terms of longevity eh lifespan and overall health? It's probably wise to not just with protein but caloric load overall like eat as little as possible caloric while being able to you know to function the way we need to function and I think it gets twisted because you take community. That's like a fitness base community. They would listen to that. And there are just like the probably working out too much and partner requiring like a ton of calories to do what they're doing and then even people who are moderately affiliated with the community. You're like Oh yeah this is healthy. Eat this like one. Gram of protein. Gene per pound of lean body has been like the standard since the bodybuilding times like n beyond and for actual athletes people would take it even further further but yeah for health probably not right and you do have to adjust based on how much you do fitness and exercise. He said the average person twenty to thirty thirty grams tops a day. And most people don't know that your internal organs in your stomach sheds and you reabsorb like twenty grams of protein from your stomach every single day. Oh Yeah you were dropping that knowledge super weird. That's really

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