Democratic debate: Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren


Craig Gordon runs our political coverage based in DC's up here in Manchester with us as as we watch and wait it gets closer as the vote goes up Greg anybody like you has I know you have a list of stories in your head right now that you want your team to get out there and and right tomorrow the days ahead give us a sense of that what do you what what intrigues you which is yeah I mean I think for the Bloomberg news audience a story that we're going to have tomorrow morning is about the flow of the class of lives with Warren I mean again if we've been sitting here a year ago having this conversation we would have probably been talking about her as a potential front runner actually in this state done well here a nationally had done well so the polls had a little bit of a moment there Wall Street obviously not the biggest fans of Elizabeth Warren and so her classes been quite spectacular the and I think for our customers in particular our listeners and readers that's a good that's a person they want to know more about it seemed like she I think what our story kind of tries to get at is you know I have a plan for that well we have a plan for everything it's very easy to start poking holes and she made some real missteps on Medicare for all where you know Bernie Sanders I was gonna cost would cost and I can worry about and she had to go over the number and never was very good and she's a little bit evasive and I think they were like wait a minute I thought you were like the one with the plan I think you're the one with all the all the tease cross and I's dotted and when that fell away she just didn't have a lot to kind of fall back on she also spent a lot of money and digital advertising less on TV advertising that's you know a surprising to me a little bit twenty twenty the TV advertising still move the needle was a quite a lot I don't think she ever quite did that as much as she should how many governing centers there is there's just like only so much oxygen in the race for two very liberal candidates who you know if you put their positions on paper there the pretty much identical in they're very different personally in the different people and and their approach to politics but you know if you have the Sir two choices it made it hard for a warm to find the oxygen to kind of take kind of co exist with when Sanders and then in that race you know earlier tonight I think it was Kevin who said Kevin so really who said he thought that were worn started we were talking about you know policies but he said he thought it was wind Bernie and she team you know to blows on stage and one went up and one went down yeah I it was it was one of the first and most ugliest kind of interactions where she basically said the Bernie Sanders and told her to private mean that women can't win the presidency Bernie said of course the night that we all got to listen to that hot Mike moment where you kind of challenge them for any kind of pushed back and it was kind of it was like to just like her to watch you know it's sort of a I don't know who said what I could imagine pretty my system like that or criticism misinterpreted to be like that but yeah I think there was there's so many supporters it could go either way that I do think that my turns people off to to warn yet to your point and and you've just you know he here Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have basically the the the same position when it comes to Medicare for all and it you know burning a test the question because you have going to cost you know thirty trillion dollars in Elizabeth Warren basically cover the same answer yet she tanks and he searches I'm Bernie is that I think burning the problem for war as you try to get a little bit to the left of Bernie Sanders there's no room to the left Bernie Sanders again here there's no room there yeah and so when she sort of tried out Medicare for all him when his answer is essentially up thirty four trillion of breaking taxes and that's what's going to happen for a lot of people wild maybe some people don't want to have the taxes raises a very clear answers seem like he understood his position and he was a little bit like take it or leave it like that I think this will we need to for the country Medicare for all I think give raise taxes to pay for it and I think it's an important thing to raise the taxes I think warrant kind of try to dance around it a little bit you took a little while even come up with a number of was I was about the same thirty four trillion as you say but in that sort of sense of like I I I was use the word evasiveness like wait a minute like I thought again if I knew what the plans at that you're the one that was the truth teller here and I mean I feel like he's being very clear and you're being very evasive in our like that and I just think that when you run against your own narrative that's right exactly so most interesting into politics he had built a whole narrative of being the person with all the answers the most important question I would argue which is Medicare for all health care's thirty some percent since the one topic your New Hampshire tonight what is it I suppose if you don't have your answer straight on that that's that could be for you know you know listen and we were going to refresh these numbers sixty three percent now reporting of the eight PM organ using a P. numbers as Craig says that's what bloomer goes with here some of the networks maybe calling this but it's tightening of sixty four percent now Bernie Sanders has twenty five point nine percent of the of the vote the judge has twenty four percent that's what that's one point nine percent difference in culture in a twenty point one so here's the big what if Craig what if Pete booted judge wins the New Hampshire primary have we put to rest some of the murky miss that we've been muddling through tonight not one bit yeah I mean I sent out one yeah I mean look you could make an argument that if if it works are worn surging magenta repeating Sanders so now you have you know again we have like thirty two lanes left not a part of the parties burning kind of come to be there and you've got to eventually three cameras in the other they're going to get out and that's nobody should feel they should feel good about her win tonight her third place finish right that's structuring for more surprising to us but it just means you know on to the bat on the South Carolina the races the marking the race of fluid and anybody hoping for answers you into this a moment ago you you want your kids go to a store and lives with one let me re site this Elizabeth Warren no sixty four percent of the vote in nine point four percent Biden eight point four I mean the threshold here's fifteen in they were hovering in the you know the low teens now they drop below ten is this is got to be even more surprising than one would imagine yeah I mean the Biden collapses been kind of a parent since I was a very poorly there came here it is you know a lot of energy as events and they their whole you know vine campaign says it's you know the classic marathon not a sprint the first concerts reporting South Carolina matters we can't decide the nominee and those of African American Hispanic or get a chance to have their say all fine points but if your entire calling cars let's ability I'm the one that could be done trump and you're getting not even ten percent in the state that you should do fine in that that's just that's just crushing crushing move or is there anything Sanders can do to broaden his appeal to the the moderates the Democratic Party I mean he's been really leaning hard lately on this electability argument that goes back to what I said like I'm electable because not because I'm the moderate you know the kind of the middle of the road person but I'm the person that can inspire the energy in the youth and other kind of in the laughs and again I've you could buy that he could not buy it but it's the case in these kind of sticking to it so that is his case I think he needs to go beyond being just the guy with the crazy hair and he's a socialist and get all of to being a person like no no I can actually beat down from like Joe Biden thought told he could he's couldn't clearly warned that chance rejects Chrysler seven years only ran a small town in Indiana for a few years I'm the guy on the person can do and again he he started to give his argument that direction slightly and I think he the more he leans into that if you get people to buy it that we you can't just state he's got a movement going he's got he's got to have a why just like any of these things that I was saying when something I have to win something right so you know and second tonight after blue judges are like wait a minute I thought you were the guy yeah trump so you know that that doesn't exactly hold that argument but he has tried to broaden his hit the case it is making the voters and I think it was some over by you is there any measure other than these primaries are these caucuses where we can see that Bernie or anybody for that matter is picking up support yeah the one place is money and he's he's always fundraise always man's very strong twenty three seven million I think in the last quarter he does it again it's a small donors people and write a little check drop an envelope whatever that is a real again coming to rally signs support writing a check men's real so warm and I was the need money could be in politics but also as a way to show people like yes I have the sort of army of grassroots folks that are willing to spend their hard earned money to help me get elected president that's a big deal yeah you you said something that was interesting a few moments ago you said if Amy coe charges so we don't have her supporters be project has his supporters and you said you know Amy Klobuchar hadn't done so well and Pete had picked up a few more of Amy's of voters you know Pete could have check could be the one winning tonight are those the supporters of Bridget clover charm of supporters are they one of the same I mean is not exactly but I do think they're looking for I mean in some ways they're looking for who is the anti Bernie a lot you know we've we've all watch the debates we're judging call which are muted first more vociferously in the later debates of said Medicare fraud be a disaster take away feels private health insurance you know maybe when I was love our health insurance but I mean a lot of people are pretty calm for that program to get for the employer the idea that I was going to take it over so I think for a lot of voters Bernie just seems I use the word like radical you know just sort of seems like a little bit out there on the left in the whole thing the insurance thing is a very clear differentiator between us canceling as if you have private insurance I'm not sure ready to throw that over for a government plan where you know you're coming up prisoners to be able to work that out so they're not identical I mean I'm sure we know in these covers Gessle this form for women obviously people to jazz for something he gave you know presidents can get this far as certain as for those camps others there are variations within their base but a lot of it is I don't like the direction Bernie says we take this country and I get by some of the can first stop Bernie and then the truck Greg we it's been great conversation but we know you have things to do we're gonna let you go as much as I hate to

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