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More than an hour now here in New Hampshire they're still counting first in the nation primary is over it appears Bernie Sanders is on his way to victory ABC news is not yet ready to project a winner but Sanders is leading in this state with people to change in any club which are in the running for second place Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden will do no better than fourth tonight Andrew Yang and Michael Bennett had ended their campaigns for the presidency let's get straight to the ABC news decision desk and ABC's Brian Clark for what was on the minds of these voters I can guess Brian Donald Trump very much so Erin about eighty percent of the voters in the democratic primary according to preliminary exit poll said they were angry that's the way they felt about the trump administration so more than sixty percent say their preference is a candidate who can beat Donald Trump but when you dig into that a little bit further in terms of the qualities of these candidates that was another question in the exit polling thirty seven percent this is the the plurality here say the quality that mattered most was the candidate who brings needed change and not surprisingly senator Bernie Sanders the choice among those voters thirty percent said they wanted a candidate who could unite the country and they're Amy clover shard Pete judge virtually naked neck so you take that questionnaire and you look at what we know so far about this democratic primary they pretty much near each other ABC's Brian Clark with us from the ABC news decision desk in South Carolina tonight Jill Biden is on stage to introduce her husband Joe Biden