The Battle of the Hotels: Hyatt, Hilton, Marriott and IHG

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Let's get into it. The Hotel Battle Hyatt Hilton Marriott. And here's our moderator. Julian Keel teepee emeritus director of credit cards and points and miles. Take it away Julian. Thank you Brian. I'm Jillian Keel. The director of credit cards and points and miles at the points guy. I am excited today. I have four hotel experts with me and we are going to be doing the battle of hotels. Let's start with Zach griff our travel endless. Hello Zack Hey Julian how's it going. Tell me what Cheney covering today I'll be covering my personal favorite. Hi Hi. It's a very big points in miles favorite also with us. Jt Enter our senior points and miles writer. Hello JD Jolyon. which brand do you talking about? I'll be defending is she. which is the hotel? Branwar spent the most nights this year and in the last two and a half years since going pneumatic a serious high HD HD fan. Yes all right sounds good. We've got cursor Ross and our points in miles reporter. which brand do you talking about today covering Hilton? which is my personal favorite brand? Lorenzo Hilton fans out there and then finally summer hall our director of travel here at Tgi Hud summer. How Juliet Hot Yes so I am going to be defending Mary bond boy. It is actually the program that I have had top tier status with the longest. Now hot minute since I had hiatt so I I have become a Marriott girl sort of yeah and a lot of Marriott in the news in the last year so let's start right there. What would you say for each? We'll start with you summer. What is the one thing? The one worst thing about Marriott's in one sentence from the best thing about Marriott is Saint Regis their high end properties. He's really are amazing. aspirational and something that Makes points worth it for me. So on the flip side I have had a lot of problems with the integration. They are now fully integrated program with Starwood Arwood but there was some serious serious rocky roads and lost points to get there So that was. That's been the worst part for me the last couple of years. Yeah there's been a lot of complaints about it's not just me. Yeah we'll get to that. Jt How about you. For I. H G best thing in worst thing about it. Yeah the reason why she is. The promotions are really great. The rewards program especially with credit cards. You get great night's for cheap. The worst they would definitely be a lack of hotel benefits like guaranteed late. Checkout even has a top tier. I don't get that or breakfast at all hotel brands and you're a top tier elite at a lot of hotel brands. And we'll get just a little bit Carita. As far as Hilton best thing and worse thing I would say Hilton is probably my favorite because it has the most accessible elite status so you get the most bang for your buck with your top tier status. I'd say probably the worst thing is how they tend to devalue their own points Frequently and without notice. Yeah if you're into the the point smiles but some people may just like Hiltons in general. That's true yeah. And Zach Hyatt like I said before points in miles favorite best and worst thing. Thanks for letting me take this one home because the clear clear win for high at here Hi. It's top tier. Elite status is easily the most rewarding of all of them They're fantastic about offering consistent benefits across all the different hotels whether it's confirmed sweet upgrades guaranteed late. checkouts breakfast everywhere under the sort of like exclusions that you get with some of the other chains and earning and burning points with height is super easy transferable currencies from trace and Yeah the only real issue is you can't find height everywhere Hi It's a portfolio is a little bit more limited than the other larger legacy chains but Hyatt. If it's in a place you're traveling going to. It's often the best hotel to choose but some people would argue that the key point of a hotel what you need the most is for them to be one there where you need it and that is somewhere somewhere highest serious For sure and hides doing its due diligence there. And they've had some recent acquisitions some other hotel chains so hopefully they will continue on that making a lot of party partnerships small luxury hotels taking over to Tallahassee so they have integrated more properties into their portfolio. But yes agreed. Are y'all crazy so I have heard High at yeah. They're Nice but you probably won't have one where you are and I've heard ice she. You don't really get anything being elite and I've heard Hilton. Yeah your points may be worth nothing tomorrow and yet here. y'All sit defending. These is the best loyalty programs. It's really quite entertaining. Maria does have the most hotel Marriott has close to seven thousand properties around the world. They do have legit elite status benefits. I love my free breakfasts. This is the selection. I make as a platinum when I check in and yeah they do have some properties have gone up in points but it typically isn't a surprise that just happens overnight so I think you'll lost already. We can wrap it up now. I think Mary also has its own HASHTAG bond void. It does so what is it. People who may not know what is point is is is the term that people use when they get unexpectedly screwed over by Marriott may or may not have also been yes I also was bond void So so that's no no. They might be now. How far do you have to fall when you're already starting with not much like with Marriott? You go in with high expectations tation so get knocked down a little bit. You still come out ahead. I've been bond void and yet I have also been saint. Regis it even unfair though at this point to say with that you are going in with high expectations when it comes to customer service I really I have had real problems where I had hours and hours on the phone. I've written stories about these on the points guy real frustration legit but I will say most of those are now in the rear view mirror. I'M NOT GONNA say it's not still happening to someone but a lot of the problems. uh-huh were centered around reservations made before the two programs merged and we're pretty much past the date or our past the date now. That's even possible so I'm not saying you can't that still have problems of Marriott but I can say that I'm not really having those anymore and I had some big ones. If I was still going through that day after day with Marriott I would have said Cya Nahra eh but I'm not and so instead I'm just living it up. You know at the Western snowmass and skiing out for thirty five thousand points tonight. What about that? Yeah yeah well the only issue though is right you have seven thousand hotels and you talk about you. Know you haven't been bond void nearly as frequently as maybe you are back in the day when the merger what's happening but how hotels how consistent are hotels in delivering your early benefits by upgrade. That might be a problem but in fairness I I wasn't getting the day of complimentary sweet grades frequently with high at either right but I also have four certificates that can use to confirm upgrades and each up to seven eight. Yeah exactly and we're talking about standard suites at top Tier Properties Park. Hyatt's we can go onto battle. Who has the most luxurious hotels? But I'm going to be staying in a suite and most likely as a platinum. You probably are. Well you're right however I travel with two kids so there's four of us in a room. A suite actually isn't useful anymore. It was there was a period of time where sweets were the ultimate and that is when I was a high at globalist or diamond at the time but now sweetshop one bed and then some light crummy sofa pullout so if you need a sweet you know maybe hired is a good thing to focus on for for that period of time in your life. But I'm at a time. Any beds in a room and so sweet upgrade for me is is useless most of the time. I'd rather have an awesome hotel exactly where I want it to beat beat and a few hundred more square feet most of the time speaking of upgrades one of the things about Hilton diamond status. That a lot of people complain about is that so you don't get confirmed upgrades. It's at the discretion of each individual property. Correct that's correct. I will say even though I don't have confirmed sweet upgrades. I have played in large large number of nights and home properties across the world and I've gotten upgraded on sweets on awards days on page days. Basically it's just the US. I think where you're shafted in terms of the sweet upgrades but everywhere else and the rest of the world you're getting in but you think that Hilton is at a slight disadvantage. Because of that because of these other chains that maybe do confirm Swede upgrades think it just depends on what your priorities are in the same in the same way that summer says I'd rather have a reliable quality hotel all across the world. And maybe I'll have a suite upgrade. Maybe I won't but I at least know that I'm going to have key benefits. It's available to me at a high quality level and on the flip side as far as earning top tier status. It's probably easiest with help. I'm just going to go ahead and just throughout throughout that Hilton aspire card because everyone else is just you guys have no game You know interest in terms of light barrier to entry to top Tier Diamond Status Status or top Jerry Lee Status Hilton. Has Everybody beat all you need to do his own one credit card right so with Hilton. You don't have to choose to focus all your stays on Hilton. You can just have a card and keep it in your pocket when you need. Ah The aspires a tremendous card But even if you just have the platinum or one of the less expensive Hilton Cards. That's all we had. We Have Hilton Gold status went to Bora Bora got free breakfast. All of us every single day which was like almost two hundred dollars in value and just with gold with gold status matched. Although I could've just done it for my platinum platinum card as well so I think Chris is right. There's definitely the lowest barrier to entry with Hilton But you don't actually have to make it your program if you don't want to with Marriott right you're gonNA have to make your program to get those elite benefits that you

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