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Here we go Evelyn AAA great to meet you like likewise? I'm so excited to be here. Thanks for making time for this. Yeah absolutely so. How did you get into meditation? It's so bizarre. It was a securities route. The long short story is when my mom was dying of cancer I keep missing sessions with patients and I would tell them why I didn't think flaky and so patient might give me a book called Mindful Grieving and I remember looking at it. They can wind the hell. Do I wanNA feel migrelief. I am a ten of sadness and it broke me open because I noticed during those times I practice some mindfulness as I knew it back then I was just a little baby meditators but I noticed there was times as neutral. There was time to actually was happy even though my mom was dying and so it opens something up and then end up taking a this is this is really funny. I took professional retreat with someone. WHO's a zen zen master and a pediatrician s for health professionals? And I'll never forget the second time. They made us meditate. I thought I was GONNA die. I call my best friend. They must meditate two times. We're going to go into silence and long story short here I am. I fell in love with meditation. I now train with Dan Brown. Who's just an amazing teacher for me? I don't I've never met Dan Brown. He's at Harvard at Harvard and the thing that appeals to me. Personally I'm a skeptic. That's what I loved about your story. I'm a skeptic. I'm always the one asking the questions and because he's also an academic academic and a practitioner. He is very satisfying relationship. With my mind you know. And he's he's just really really gifted and and one of the most persons since I've ever met especially being at Harvard you know. So how how did you find him. Oh I got. His Book Is Really Really Big Book about the stages of Meditation Mahmoud Mahamoud pointing out the way and I bought it put it down five years later I picked it up and it blew me away and I had the I realized I had the illusion of meditating but it was not meditating properly and I thought I've got to go meet this guy. I've got to go train with him and I did. And that's what just knocked me over so you say you weren't meditating properly. But he pointed out the way they to do it properly. What with what were the difference? What was the difference? There in the technique between the biggest technique is meditation. Your mind goes all all over the place and one of the techniques has. I won't go into detail since I'm not a teacher. But he really has you practice the awareness of your breath the entire way and really noticing saying when you leave noticing when you have partial concentration in these types of things and so the other thing. I like about him as a teacher when you go into retreat with him. He's there the whole time usually other retreats. I've been and you have a teacher from me about an hour and then but there's constant interaction which for me is I connected with very deeply so you when you say you went and met met him did you just say hey. Can I get a little bit of your time. You show up. No no no. I showed up to win. It was retreats. I signed up and it was so funny was held at a monastery. It was like. Oh my God I'm going in deep here and it was great it was really really great and I have become now. You're talking about being ten percent happier. I think I'm a I'm a ten percent better person which makes people around me. Happy the complex before. I didn't think I was reactive. And I realize holy Moly so reactive but this thing that has changed with me telling this with Dan Dan. We just met a couple of months ago is that I have changed. I actually sickness sound terrible before I would do the right thing because you're supposed to but now I actually genuinely care there it. It's hard to put into words what this is but this connection and this compassion and you talk a lot about the Wu stuff the most you stuff and I'm like that and now here here I am talking about stuff and it's like Oh we have to end all suffering and so what this has done in my career. Oh Yeah I'm not. I'm not a person but but it has lit my my my passion for what I do to a level. I didn't expect what happened to put an end to unnecessary suffering as relates to mind and body. Because there's so much unnecessary suffering around eating and body judgment and shame and you talk about conceptual mind. Oh my gosh. The rules and the concepts in the judgements. That are out there. Uh and it's neat to watch people's lives change you know. It's there's a technique that we created through intuitive eating over twenty five years ago we've updated all along and and the cool thing is there's now research on our method and it just it just warms my heart and ways. I just can't begin to describe. We're GONNA go deep on Diet. Culture et Cetera villages logistic with your practice for a second. Would you call yourself now a Buddhist. I am a Buddhist. I did take refuge. Yeah but you know it's funny. I don't talk about on taking refuge for you. You take a vow that basically you take refuge in your just refuge in the Buddha the Dharma and the song and the Song I yeah and you know one of the most troubling parts of it this is going to sound really silly but I'll just show you where I was back at. The time is that they have to have to cut off some of your hair. And I've heard you talk about your own hair. So the idea of losing your hair for a ceremony was JUSTA Sudha. It's about letting go not having attachment but the reason I don't usually talk about it is I don't like to be in that place being different. I'd rather find what we have in common because as soon as as soon as I say. I'm Buddhist then. Walls might come up from some other people you know but the I consider myself a secular Buddhist meeting. I don't know what happens in the life after but I love the principals and the philosophies. It's a beautiful way to live without without judgment it without having to recruit other people. Yes Oh yes. That's exactly the way I feel. Oh Yeah Yeah. So what flavor of Buddhism did you join for. Well it's kind of interesting. I didn't tell you about the but the detour I took with the Shamala and I learned a lot of Buddhism and did a lot OUGHTA training with them. I was on a path to become a teacher. I do what I call baby teaching where I could teach meditation on an individual level or or lead meditation in a group setting health. You Russian ballet is a Buddhist lineage. I guess to founded by a controversial Tibetan a teacher by the name of choke him trunk Rinpoche Iraq mouthful he was born into bed had a very traumatic exit from there when the Chinese invaded did and then ultimately made his way to the West where he dropped a robe started wearing a suit and tie also became an alcoholic. I guess embodied drank himself up to death ultimately embodied or what he called crazy wisdom so he was controversial for all of the forementioned reasons and yet many of his students. It really are quite loyal to this day. And so sh- umbrella is the system. He left behind Dave centers all over the place and it was taken over by his son. The Sok Yong's doc young napalm. Yeah who's been on this show. Oh really guess Before he got into trouble and was trumped out in me you too. I don't know the exact nature of the allegations but it was. It was disturbing to read all the reports and that's ultimately why left. Actually I was still. I was starting to already trained with Dan. I knew it's going to be leaving you symbolic but when that happened. It's like I'm out. I can't support a system in which has been so much abuse of power at such at so many different levels but I will say hey the weird thing is and the part. I'm grateful for the teachings that I learned really helped me. It helped me helped me open my mind to to where I am right now but the way I look at it is is what I refer a patient there. My answers absolutely not. You need to go into a place of safety when there's been places of abuse. People that often enter meditation coming in a really vulnerable spot. You know and I know this is not unique to other organizations. But it's just it's really disturbing to see so yeah so I'm no longer with the group I mean I don't know you very well in one or two times. We met and I definitely didn't know his dad but I've I know a lot of people who were close to him and it's a puzzle because he he was by by many sort of I. I don't know if I call them objective measures but if you look at his writing look at take his teachings. He clearly had wisdom and yet in his behavior. There's a documentary about him. Called crazy wisdom. I think you could see it on Youtube. He was sleeping with his followers and obviously drunk a lot. And so it's it's it's a puzzle for you know I. I don't know much about him so I don't WanNa say talk as if I've got some sort of encyclopedic understanding but it's not surprising for for me to hear you were discomfited by the culture and yet you learned a lot. Yeah and he was really interesting because when I started to go down the training path ask that to me is an obligation. I did due diligence and I was not. I was not comfortable with the history of the founder but I was comfortable with their all their policies of Karen Conduct. It's like okay. It was in the sixties. I don't get it I don't I agree with it but no one's trying to absolve him but when this new set of things happened that was that was it for me. It reminded me of what you see and in family systems of toxicity that that that go down from generation to generation ration- It needs to heal. And anyway that's a whole other story so yeah so I'm grateful from what I learned. That's that's the good news on. That didn't turn my my mind and get got me ready for reading a book when I first bought it I couldn't even understand it. I just put it side and I was getting ready to lead a meditation. We do this thing called contemplation after doing two rounds of meditation meditation. You now take the awareness of your mind and you put it on a phrase and as a leader you get to pick what that is and I was looking for new material and go. I'm GONNA look at Dan's book again and that's when I found the stuff and I couldn't put it down and that's what that's what my change. What what flavor of Buddhism is Dan? Well you know he he's in the lineage of Remai- which it's been around for two hundred years and that's where they take what they consider a best practices and all the different traditions and teach based on that way so whoever they does the best concentration technique that's who they're used and so it's it's kind of cool. Yeah so it's like the Zoroastrians are coming to mind. I don't I've never heard of him. I believe leave. There is a religion a Persian religion. That was a combo sort of a cafeteria style. Combination of all of the pre existing Abraham. Oh okay towns like this is the. Dan is doing the Buddhist version of

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