Trump impeachment: Calls grow for Bolton testimony


The reporting about what is in John Bolton's book. It raises the question. If this is even going to be part of the Senate trial is John Bolton GonNa be partisan at trial willoughby witnesses. Will he be called if there are witnesses. We've talked about this a lot on here for Democrats To get witnesses witnesses into this trial to get a Bolton or somebody else. Democrats need to stand together in the Senate and they need four Republicans to break over and join them on those votes. We've been going through it and it's been been hard to see exactly which for that might be but there is the question now whether this Bolton News Might Jarrah few loose a few critical Republican votes lose for Democrats. Are you seeing any signs that might be in the works here. Yes definitely the issue of witnesses specifically John Bolton as a witness seems much more likely today than it did on Friday and you know I know there has been talk of witnesses all along as you mentioned but there's definitely been some senators who've been leaning in the direction of witnesses and we got a better sense of what they're thinking is on that again. Today Susan Collins came out reporting on John unfolds in string and the case for witnesses and has prompted a number earth stations. We heard Romney come out saying he wants to hear from John Bolton essentially a story that came out yesterday it's it's increasingly apparent that it would be important to hear from John Bolton I of course make a final decision on witnesses. After we've heard from Natalie the prosecution but also the defense but I think at this stage. It's pretty fair to say that John Bolton has a relevant testimony to provide to those of us who are sitting in impartial just a couple of others senators hitters. We've heard weigh in Lisa Murkowski All at another name out there that we're watching Lamar Alexander which As of now I don't believe he spoke out on this but he's another one who could defect so it definitely seems. The momentum is starting to really head in that direction and the John. Bolton News is certainly pushed a lot of senators in that way and is is gonNA put pressure on them politically because you see news reports. If you're a voter out there about what Bolton says in his book and what you're reading in The New York Times or seen on NBC. See News will. You're going to want to hear that right out of his mouth and there's going to be this question of well. Why not? Why not let him testify that I think a lot of these moderate senators in the Middle Arkan have to answer answer that question from their constituents? That's interesting though. I do wonder if that sets up. The potential for friction between trump and and some of these Republicans. Maybe even Mitch McConnell I if it were to come to what you're describing there just in that We've seen this. President have no hesitation to go after his own party if he thinks they are wrong. Him and I imagine he's not eager to have John Bolton be a part of this If they were to cast a vote that sort of opens the door to that. I wonder if there'd be awesome We'd see some division in the Republican side. Well the White House is hoping that if the door to witnesses does get opened with John Bolton that they will argue that they should be able to call their own witnesses. And that that's when you get into a hunter Biden situation or a situation where they can then call their own witnesses that they hope will exonerate all right the president now. There's no guarantee that necessarily going to happen because the senators are the ones who get to decide but it yes it could be a real moment where you have to see some real daylight between the president and the Senate but again at the end of the day the the White House does feel like they will be able to defend themselves and that's still at the end of this process. The president will be acquitted. They will head injury election and they will be able to run on a whole myriad of other issues outside outside of impeachment and get the president reelected that way. What would witnesses due to the timeline of this trial I I mean I've heard suggestions that without witnesses? This could wrap up really fast. I have even heard people suggest the end of this week without witnesses but but if there were a vote to have witnesses how long would that extend trial for. Well that is the question. Every reporter order in Washington wants to know and we were all like doing the math on our phones as weekend realizing this could be done by Friday or Saturday potentially Is So if there is a a John Bolton Subpoena and the White House asserts executive privilege it goes to the courts and that could really take weeks even an expedited process process and while that waits in the courts. I don't know exactly what happens. I'm assuming the trial just gets put on hold and everyone in. The Senate goes back to their regularly scheduled programing programming but yes there is definitely potential with witnesses that this trial could still be overhanging. The president during his State of the Union on February fourth. It it could still be hanging out there. During the primaries during the New Hampshire primaries during South Carolina during these key election primaries that are going on for the Democrats. So just sort out of uncharted territory. And we're really just taking it. I think here one day at a time Iran. Sometimes one hour at a time waiting to see what's going to happen next. Pretty big pivot point coming up then either. This thing wraps up quickly or it goes on for a while. We'll find out looks like later this week. Shannon petty piece senior White House reporter for NBC. Thanks so much for joining honest. Thank

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