How The Massage Gun Could Elevate Your Spa Offering



Your spot tape massage guns. You know what I'm talking about. It looks like a little gun type of thing. It's got that nozzle on the end with padded a bit allows you to basically pull the trigger and give yourself a message in targeted areas now. A quick search google trends shows that it's gone through the roof freely over the last six months so it's having a bit of a monument and I actually think that could be an opportunity for spots first of all. There's the retail component because people will are perhaps more likely to buy this at a SPA than they would. Maybe from anywhere else you can help show them how to use it. You can run little causes and lessons on how to use use it you buy it for free you will give you a free treatment with that kind of option and also. I think it's a it's a form of home care in a way and I like it a little bit too car. I've been using this for years and in the early days of Chiropractic Hanley doing the manipulation but in more recent times they've used these little applicators which are very similar to these massage guns. Now if you could send someone have somebody in your spa do a treatment with them which also includes the message gun as part of the technique which you do on the Modi could potentially do on themselves. Then you offer that tree that massage massage gone for sale in the retail space. Then you give them a whole bunch of instructions and updates which you could be doing progressively right. You could send them updates on a monthly basis with a new way to use their massage gum. And then you could have treatments throughout that brings people back in bringing your message gun and we'll use is your message gone and you get twenty percents off. I think there is definitely a way to tie these massage guns into our existing SPA business. The problem is I think a lot of people are gonNA take a puritan approach. which is it's not true? Massage therefore doesn't add value. I do think they add value. They're not gonNA

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