Man tried 6 times for same murders released on bond

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Mississippi judge has granted bail to a man who has been tried for the same crime six times as NPR's Laura Walmsley reports. The Supreme Court overturned his most recent conviction after finding evidence of racial bias. Curtis Curtis Flowers is free on two hundred and fifty thousand dollars bond after twenty two years in state custody. He's been tried six times in Winona Mississippi where he was accused of the murder of four people at a furniture store in the nineteen ninety S. Four convictions were overturned for prosecutorial misconduct. And the other. Two trials ended in deadlock in June the Supreme Court reverse the two thousand ten conviction that put flowers on death row. Finding the District Attorney Doug Evans had shown racial bias in blocking black jurors during jury selection the N. W. ACP and four black residents of Devon's district have filed a lawsuit against the prosecutor arguing that he has systematically prevented African Americans from serving on juries prosecutors have not said whether they intend to try flowers for seventh time

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