Dreamworks - burst 10


Because of the music stuff really. I think that ruins movies when they play a play modern music music and figure 'cause like in twenty years. You're gonNA hear that like why don't they put that song. Yeah I think it works better. Had Have you ever seen Knight's tale. Yeah doc how they play it set in a medieval times. Yeah but they're singing like Queen Music. Yeah I think that works because it's it's not modern music at the time they made the movie and the movie doesn't take place in that time. Aaron Yeah so I can see that I think I think all star as kind of like a to me. I don't that that's not like a very I. Don't think the nineties and maybe it's because I don't like that song maybe it might very much just don't like the song so I think it ruins the mood ruins the entire move. I wish this was as zero now. I actually I actually liked Sandjak because that that is the Hallelujah Song that plays Yeah. That song's okay. Don't WanNa kind of fits into the accidentally in love at the end. No I'm sorry. That's at the beginning the first one array. What was it? Wait accidentally in love. I think the second chance. Oh I'm a believer. Sorry believer plays at the end to smash mouth songs too many any. I love it. I love it And I like that all through songs. People kind of know is like the Shrek Song. Yeah the The votes smash out

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