UFC Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock - burst 01


Us but that was the worst fight in. UFC history. And I was a part of that fight partly blamed for that fire bad it was bad. He just not want to fight. No it wasn't him. I think it was a little bolt of us. Seven had came in because the first time I've fought him. I choked him out quickly so the second time he came in he had the strategy of like okay. I'm not issued on. It's going to stay around the outside and make me attack him. The only problem with that was that before that I had broken my nose and training and I've fractured a little rib and I also had a meniscus tear in my knee so going into that fight I'll be so I couldn't back out of the fight and they took away. That was the time where they actually came in. And said if you punch we're we're GONNA arrest you like it's illegal. You can't do that and just two weeks. Prior to that over the border. They're in Canada. They literally arrested the main event because they told them the same thing they went ahead and punched. Well you came in and said Oh. Yeah we'll we'll we're gonNA find you guys at

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