Bernie Sanders slams Biden: He brings 'a lot of baggage' into the race


Thirty one days. That is how close we are to the Iowa caucuses just thirty one days new fundraising numbers giving us a snapshot into the current state of play with the big take away the Bernie Sanders or at least his fundraising operation appears to be surging at probably. Just the right moment. His campaign says arrays almost thirty five million dollars in in the fourth quarter of last year. Tops among Democrats who've reported an almost ten million more than second-place Mayor P Buddha judge former vice president Joe Biden and injure Yang Round out the rest of the top fundraising numbers Elizabeth. Warren said today that she's going to report numbers soon now. Shortly after today's numbers were published Anders took a direct shot at Joe Biden's ability as a candidate saying unquote. It's just a lot of baggage. Joe Takes into a campaign which isn't going to create energy and excitement. He brings into this campaign record which is so weak that it just cannot create the kind of excitement and energy that is going to be needed to defeat Donald trump moments go by responded Bernie Sanders Bernie lots of luck in your senior year Bernie joining me now is Howard Dean former Democrat Democratic presidential candidate and chairman of the DNC and also I see mills and political commentator and Democratic Strategist Governor Dean the back and forth between Senator Sanders and Vice President Biden. It does seem like clearly the closer we get to Iowa the the I mean this is the most obvious involving the sharper. The attacks are becoming. And that's I mean that's par for the course. This is so familiar from sixteen years ago. I bet he is amazing Yeah no that's this is what the what happens. So you got thirty days to go. Iowa is going to focus the presidential race and attention of the of the Democratic primary voters on the winner of this race ace and the next two or three and so yeah this is. This is the battle for the president of the United States. And it's GONNA get rough. I what we haven't seen is sanders ZANDER's going after Elizabeth Warren Senator Warren and I mean obviously. Do they have to do that or is there any reason for him. I'm she's been sort of imploding and certainly fundraising problems and not. She seemed to have lost some momentum from some of the debates do you think sanders feels feels he doesn't need to go down that road and possibly alienate people. Who if they like war and they decide she's not viable would go to him so the first thing I'll say is that I wouldn't characterize Elizabeth Warren campaign in any way shape or form as imploding? I think that you know when you raise twenty million dollars and a quarter or whatever. She's GONNA report. I don't know what that number is. That's hardly imploding. I think the reason he's and why though you're not gonNA see Bernie Sanders go directly after Elizabeth Warren because we are in this Democratic primary in an ideological battle and the two of them are ideologically on the same team. This is a battle between progress. Do we care about lifting up all the people do we care about the small guy about small donors. Um What is the vision for the Democratic Party America about inclusivity who gets to be at the table and then there's doing business as usual and so that's really what this debate is about. And so when you see the Joe Biden saying well I'm the guy who's been around for a really long time. Remember me you guys know what I did. I'm going to do more of that. Well people who support at Elizabeth Warren or war a Bernie Sanders. Don't really believe that that's the way we should move forward. We actually need some kind of change. We need some growth of different governor dean. When you hear a British pretty senator saying look you know? Joe Biden is not going to get people excited mayor you know. You look at Buda. Judge's numbers among African Americans.

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