What I Learned by Being a Part of Taylor Swifts First $1 Million Dollar Month on eCommerce with Brendan Kane


Brendan Learns By. Being a part of Taylor Swift's first million dollars a month on ecommerce with some incredible things that you you can learn more Brendan's learned over the years and first and foremost less talk about generating followers. I mean we are looking to create movements. We're we're looking to create this mission where people WANNA see. Our flag is planted in the C. N.. They want to follow us. They want to know that we stand for something and they wanNA stand by that. The thing with US end Brendan talked about how you generated one million followers in just thirty days sounds pretty insane. So really were that kind of stemmed from his. I spent fifteen years building brands. And helping you know big celebrities like a Taylor Swift's or an MTV or Riyan on building building platforms Promoting movies and listen was a great experience really enjoyed it but but it really seemed idea. My head is like take off a learning experience experience in a renewed I built in apply to somebody starting from scratch starting from zero because I would get asked that question all the time and I'm of the mindset that I want to actually try things I don't WanNa Irizar and talk I wanNA actually building create so when thinking about okay. Who would be the perfect person to run this experiment experiment on NC? What was possible? I thought why not myself because I had never been on television film. I'm not a professional athlete or a Rockstar. And that's that's where I set out on this journey to generate a million followers in thirty days. I did that task on facebook and have been building a separate set of methodologies and processes for instagram which I've been I've built it to be able to generate between one hundred twenty two hundred fifty thousand dollars a month and we're about to see if we can push that up to two hundred fifty thousand dollars a month but that's really kind of the mindset when methodology. Ah or the reason that I went on that path. How let's talk specifics? How did you do it in? What recommendations tips tools tactics would you give to our listeners today? Fire nation if they're looking adding to generate a significant number of followers in a short period of time as well. Yeah so I'll start with that question first and then I can dive into tips because I think it's really important important to understand the mindset behind this like why are you doing this. Why do you want to generate followers? What is your return on investment? Look like what is the end goal like so many people get into this and don't really understand why they're doing it and then when they actually get into it they realize how much work it is because because it's not just about generating their followers like generating followers. Sure we can help people get followers quick. But it's really what you do with them. It's the content behind it being able to connect with that audience in a meaningful away and foster relationship. So I think it's super critical to understand what your goals are what that return on. Investment looks like it doesn't necessarily have to be it direct attribution to revenue so in my case when I generate a million followers in thirty days it was to get a literary agent get a publishing deal and then speak around the world and then all AH generated attention to be on a press outlets like your amazing podcast. You know it just generates opportunities from there. So mine wasn't element of becoming coming influence or generate brand deals or sell our products. It was more of a back end approach to generating revenue because for some people. Like if you're an e commerce business or you're just trying to sell off I really wouldn't focus on followers in the beginning. Our focus on lead generation and Direct Response Marketing of Regina ad platforms to do that versus generating followers trying trying to sell them in terms of specific tips like the biggest thing that generate success excess both in generating powers generating engagement generating sales leads. Its content everything comes down to content. And if you're not good at it creating content you're not going to be successful. So what are the areas that we strive to be experts in one of the ways that we've got good at content content is really having a an agile approach to creating content not spending too much money in a specific direction until it's proven and then also testing content is testing content as much as possible to really learn an experiment because one of the biggest mistakes I see people make as they invest way too much in a specific direction. They don't look get any the analytics or data and they don't try and take the information and learnings to improve their content on a daily basis and a long term basis. So I exercise that I did in terms of generating a million dollars in three days on instagram or on facebook was leveraging the advertising platform as is a market research tool most people. Use It as a media buying tool or an advertising tool where they don't really realize the power behind it to be able to test content at scale you're where you can take one piece of content and tested one hundred or two hundred different ways to really understand what it takes to get somebody to perform specific action action and take those insights learnings to really fuel your short and long-term content strategy and with instagram. It's a bit different but what we do is we. We still test content and content actively we just. Don't use the ad platform to do that. We actually test content by syndicating out and other accounts and seeing what the effectiveness combat content is to drive traffic back and follow on my counter or clients accounts that we work with. So you know how to run social media like a celebrity A. You've done it for celebrities. You study celebrities and how they do it. The successes the failures the in betweens. Let's breakdown three ways that we as entrepreneurs this can run our social media lake a celebrity. Yeah I think that the first way is people often. I advise certain celebrities that are on on their way up and they look at like a Kim Kardashian or somebody that has hundred like one hundred million followers and understand how they acquire that it really comes down to distribution content. So you look at Kim Kardashian. She is on. She's on obviously very successful TV show. She's in magazine. She's she's on print. He's on billboards. She's on radio. All those things drive traffic back to her social channel so one of the biggest lessons that they always talk to people about is Gore. The traffic is don't try and create from scratch. Where is your audience? Currently what accounts do they it. Follow what blogs do they follow. What website today read? If you can get on podcast or radio or potentially televisions make a list of all the places the your audience currently exists in the euro strategic ways to get in front of those audiences how can you provide value to those accounts. Or how can you create compelling content onto those people wanna post and that's really how celebrities become celebrities or how rockstars become rockstars is they go where the distribution outlets outlets are they harnessed that traffic and drive it back one of the perfect startup. Examples of this of all time is youtube is how they got acquired for one point six billion alien dollars in less than two years two or three years and the way they did it as a basically funneled olive mice faces traffic back to their platform because at the time when Youtube was I created. My space. Didn't have video player so youtube created an embedded player that my space profiles could than are mice face users. A user could embed on their my space profile. And once everybody's friends saw that you had a youtube player you would just click that logo to their platform and create that embed code drive back so I think that. That's you know. One specific tactic that people can have a lot of success with in terms of the principles of of being a celebrity. And I think one of the important lessons is once you start to scale is. How can you build your brand for longevity because you don't want to be one of these? He's flaming stars that that peaks too soon and

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