David Mackenzie Narrates a Scene From ‘Hell or High Water’



Prompts Marcus to find a local guy who can drive him up to an area where he tried to get a shot? He's really out for blood. Now because he's so angry at foster's tanner and he's told it's going to be an impossible shot. It's GONNA be five hundred yards away. He says I don't care let's go do it and as they get up there the character says Joe you're winded and it's not even your gun let me take the shot and he says not on your life he's mine with that jaw jutted out and that grizzled grumble of his that we get from bridges in this fell and right before he takes the shot. We get that deep breath the intense focus. But there's even a sense of pain in that pause where it's almost like. He wishes. None of this was happening. He so angry though and he's so eager to shoot but you get the sense that he could break down. Any second is if the whole weight of all of this senselessness is there on bridges face and when it cuts to foster. This is where that mythic sense comes in again. He's looking looking at everyone down below him. He thinks he's safe up here in the hills and he says Lord of the planes. That's me and that's exactly the moment where he gets shot and I'll let our listeners. Takeover a couple listeners on our facebook page talked about this moment the beats that happened after he fires the kill. Shot Zac Santo. Chief says his reaction action to the end of the shootout at the climax of hell or high water is playing like three emotions at once relief. Joy and sorrow through a haze of mental and physical exhaustion. And it's a fantastic moment. Tom Curran shape. Powell goes even further with those combinations of emotions. He says when he kills Ben Foster's character after his partner is killed. His reaction is incredible. Incredible mix of victory sadness. Justice relief exhaustion frustration. Regret all at once. It's incredible. It really is incredible. It's all those things and there's even a little a bit of humor the guy who's next to him who said he probably couldn't do it. He turns to him and gives him a look. Like you doubted me. And then he slaps him a couple of times playfully letting out a chuckle. And it's that chuckle then just immediately kinda shifts into this really plaintive cry and just within a few beats as I said he hits every one of those notes that our listeners describe it's really a Bravura Jeff bridges

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