Accused El Paso mass shooter charged with 90 counts of federal hate crimes


Got an update on the story involving the el Paso Walmart shooter yeah the justice department is falling hate crimes and firearms charges against that twenty one year old man accused of carrying out the mass shooting that killed twenty two people at a Walmart in el Paso here's the story US attorney for the western district of Texas John bashing now it's the ninety federal charges six months after Patrick Chrissy is allegedly opened fire inside the el Paso Walmart twenty two of the ninety counts carry a maximum penalty of death bash says the department of justice is sending a message everyone who serves in this department from the Attorney General on down to the newest prosecutor is committed to keeping all of our citizens and all visitors to this country safe for racist violence all across the country DOJ is going on offense against those were plotting hate crimes as we've seen a lot of instances over the last year Chrissy is laid out his intentions in a manifesto posted online before the shooting assistant Attorney General Eric drive and confirm the alleged shooter was targeting Mexicans we in the grand jury allege that the defendant committed these federal hate crimes that he committed these violent crimes to frighten and intimidate the Hispanic community he echoes bashes promised that hate crimes won't be taken lightly at the federal level such crimes seek to intimidate innocent people and groups of people because of who they are these horrific crimes and may leave many people feeling terrorized isolated and vulnerable will hate crime charges us carries significant value they recognize that a violent crime was both an attack against specific victims and also an attack against a particular population subtleties in el Paso say they will seek the death penalty against Patrick course yes who pleaded not guilty I'm

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