Christian Siriano brings Margot Robbie character Harley Quinn, 'Birds of Prey' to NYFW


Harley Quinn and friends are back on the big screen with birds of prey Margot Robbie's comic book villain from suicide squad teams up with a bunch of equally twisted women to wreak havoc on Gotham in the movie guy is on our come on his line because he is stuck flooded out so bring this is the first comic book film of the year what do you think I'll just cut to the chase actually a lot of fun with it this is a like I like great mentioned this is based on a Harley Quinn after the movie suicide squad a lot of people are hoping that this would be better than suicide squad and I would argue that if birds of prey it would you be watching the screen went blank at the two minute mark it would still be better than suicide squad that was one of one of the worst movies comic book movies I've ever seen although Margot Robbie was just stand out that film's I'm glad she got our own movie this is an ultra violent bubble gum girl band superhero flick but its fuel on tons of funk and jazz it's a mess guards to the story to the kind of hops all over the place is not super coherent but the explosive kind of kick **** sixties demented T. but do gooders pretty fun to watch it again Margot Robbie is to stand out in this one Baker plays the filling he's actually fantastic as well but Margot increases that anarchists Corey server character and we actually slows down it don't have to spend some time on the spirit of sisterhood and team work appointing dizziness superhero movie this actually directed by a female to cast is largely female and this weekend it's gonna make all the money is gone but sometimes dumping decline and this is one of those times I give birds of prey as solid be into that kind of stuff comic book clicks I highly

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