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Continue so Patrick Mahomes the quarterback in the NFL. His little brother has taken. Hasbro has other brothers fame. Just Kinda ran with that is. He's a bit of a very big the following on talk and his videos of him dancing shirtless Nicer Pontiac. Pontiac video for you to the show you so I'm very curious what your take is on this video like a magic you and me right now Jackson an NFL MVP and this was a little brother on the Internet. Shut up dude do the he looks timeout first off. He's doing exactly exactly. What Corey does mother doing exactly? What Corey does is and you know? I feel like Patrick. Mahomes Corey's my partner. This is Patrick. mahomes this little brother. I feel like Patrick. mahomes finally Trayvon Avon other. You found something that fucking clicks us. Hey So john a little bit more context to this so basically this. This dude was at the Patriots game which I can't remember the chiefs beat the Patriots. They did I did last week with not happy about that. No so check this also he him and him pats girlfriend. We're getting ridiculed so bad because of because of his tick tock by the Patriots fans that they had to removed in the stadium and then they did it. Take talk on the sideline in tagged Barstool our friends at borstal and it went

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