Proposed federal law seeks to limit skyrocketing salaries of college coaches


Well anyway. I I call one of your stories. He's just week. We're talking about salaries and congress trying to put a cap on things and you. Did I think a an amazing. I don't know how you doug all this up. A deep dive live into the evolution of coaching salaries. Take us through that process. Yeah I one of the one of the most interesting thing about college. Football is how in twenty twenty I guess in our in our myopic nature point twenty we think that we all have these like little arguments novel discussion Russia. We've been doing this thing for one hundred fifty years at this point in time there are quite a bit of things that just are not new and some of that is complaining about too many bowl games but another one of those things is talking about how coaching salaries are way too high. I mean it's it's it has quite literally almost almost always been like this. I mean Amos Alonzo Stagg at Chicago making six thousand dollars in eighteen eighteen ninety two now I went back and use the consumer price report and price some of these salaries out in you know twenty eighteen at the time buying power. And you know. That's six thousand dollars. Amazon does stag was making then was worth like a hundred and sixty thousand dollars back in eighteen. Ninety two there has always been this separation between what highly paid college. Football coaches made Versus what the Common Man Colombian mix. You know I'll I'll bring it to your audience and hit them home like bear Bryant when he's doing. Brian show that that famous Sunday highlight show That that became formative so formative for a lot of Alabama fans. He wasn't doing that just out of the good report he was because he was getting paid there Bryan getting in pay. That's why I thought he. I thought you said he was a benevolent. So I believe you remember this because you weren't born but he also had to Eat the potato chips and drink cocoa which by the way had bourbon in it. Yes absolutely I mean like bear. Bryant was Bear Bryant was cheering the back right now. Yeah so I find it amazing we we. We had a professor on earlier who who was very much a part of the Donna? Shalala Team Wanting to limit coaching Ching salaries so When did they make the big turn? When did they start going? I mean as as some of the critics say out of control to me. It really doesn't matter what any of these guys make but TAKE A. When was the big turn? I think they really and truly exploded in the nineteen eighties because in the nineteen eighties. That's when that Supreme Court hate happened with like Georgia Oklahoma and you know they got. TV rights You know they divorced the TV rights from the NCAA and schools colleges then became able to go. She ate television rights As entertaining defended themselves. Obviously than we get into the CFO era and BCS. And what we have now where the SEC. Disperse what was it. Six hundred and fifty some odd the million dollars yesterday give or take a few million yeah To all fourteen member schools. I mean look. The bedrock of this cannot be overstated. The bedrock bedrock of this is this when you as an Athletic Department at Florida Alabama at Lsu is Florida state when you do not have to pay your labor force when you do not have to compensate you or athletes. That money has to go somewhere now. That money goes to beyond coaching salaries. I mean that's the facilities race that is everything. Everything that makes these college will programs at opulent as they can be obviously a really really big part of the PIE now. Is Coaching salaries. Now Coaching coaching salaries the early eighties. That's stuff starts to get reported. That's my really really starts coming into Coming into the sport in a way that it had really really before that By the time you get through the mid nineties Florida's paying Steve Spurrier the one of the first billion dollar contracts so that he doesn't jump to the NFL at that time honestly the NFL itself explodes. You've got that competition. So it's it's the competition that that spurs in any industry the street Salaries and money and will lose those things but the early eighties. I think is where we can really pinpoint when college athletics kind of started growing up from a from a fiscal standpoint talking to Richard Johnson from a better society in now we all know what is going on. I'm interested where were you. Were you sit on this. Because the the so called Donna. Shalala proposal We heard Professor Ridpath on this would would curtail a lot of things I find find. It somewhat amusing chancellors and presidents at Private Schools More so than public schools making. I'm five six million dollars a year We have an offensive and defensive coordinator is making major seven figure salaries I know is a highly paid journalists. Where we're we're are you on what Shola is is attempting to to do at least down one lane in Congress right. I think you have a good point. the the facilities boom and the salary boom of coaches collect directors and the things that we coach Sports Mirror. That of what we see on the institutional side at a lot of these verses and I think that is one thing thing that really gets lost you know like you said like g Foreign President of like West Virginia. Like these guys make guys and girls make six figures seven figures. There is a lot of money in higher education in the United States at the highest levels. college athletics is it is not an outlander But like studies have shown time and time again going back thirty forty fifty years that when your football all team is good when your basketball team is good It becomes you know they always say that is the front porch of the university. Admissions skyrocket when athletics. Do well and that is. Why a lot of these University of course than anything else I think? Put Up with and we'll pay out the nose for Nick Sabin or Jim Harbaugh or a Davos. We or whatever I think the dirty secret is is the weight from Ro a lot of these endowments in some of these very popular. Schools would shrink a lot more than people wanNA realize. No I mean just look around. I mean boone pickens. She died recently. I mean the the amount of money that he put into Oklahoma state and I don't I don't mean to disparage Oklahoma state in stillwater Oklahoma. Oh my been there. And if you haven't Richard Make sure that you put that on your bucket list. Wouldn't it wouldn't have had that type of money And and a lot of these Jerry Jones. He's given to the University of Arkansas. You can go down the list And I mean and it's because of one thing we're trying to win in in in college football or basketball depending on on on where you live and what part of the country you're in. Yeah absolutely I saw a stew. MANDL's works in the for pretty athletic. He He has a college pat column and somebody asked him Ten million dollars. What would you do with it to build a staff? And I look the question and I was like look man if you WANNA compete with Alabama Lsu Clemson Oklahoma Ohio state. You need more your salary. You Pool has to be bigger than ten million dollars. I mean on on its face. You'RE GONNA have to pay a coach at that level. Five five and a half six six billion dollars. You'RE GONNA have to pay your coordinators eight hundred nine hundred thousand dollars because Dave Aranda was was pulling such a salaried Lsu a few atmosphere necessarily because he was such town defensive coordinator which he is but it was because one opinions coordinator so that the only job job they'll leave for is a G. Five or or power five kids coaching job. It's got bulletproof coordinators. I WANNA lose them. I don't want to take collateral. If they leave me they gotta take step up so okay. You're paying both your coordinators Like one point eight billion dollars between the two. That's like eight million dollars. Just gone to the head coach in coordinators. Now you're in another like five million dollars higher director staff your eight assistant coaches which is all right. That's your ten assistant coaches You want to compete with Georgia Alabama. All right we'll have a party because you have to fill out the rest of those staffs with analysts. We assist tense You know you gotTa have a staff of three saw guys kind of the shadow. Coaching staff that that Alabama kind of those famous or infamous. No matter how how are depending on which by the fence you went on but You know it takes money to keep up with the Joneses and it takes a lot of line really want we national championship. Always great to have you on Richard other than chicken. What's the what's the second most favorite food that you'll be serving the super bowl party Sunday lady a friend is bringing some guacamole? She'll be homemade guacamole. I'm not a big block fan but you know you know how this you gotta try say like it. So that'll that'll it'll be my My side dish. I cannot wait I if I'm in the neighborhood I'll just drop Bil- bring some bring bring a some some fruit cake leftover from Christmas. I couldn't give away Gringa fruitcake. Brings some cold ones man. I'll have seat for you right on the couch next to meatball. Thank you great. Great to talk to you again come back soon. Have you

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