Super Bowl Winners and Losers



We are going to move to the super bowl silly Ravitz segues for kids and Super Bowl commercials. I want to get your thoughts on the Super Bowl commercials and we're gonNA start with the top five commercials. According to add meter k the number one ranked commercial was GPS groundhog day featuring Bill Murray number two was smart. Pock number three was Google Loretto. Don't wear the man used Google Assistant to bring up memories of his late. Wife number four was Doritos the cool ranch which featured a showdown between Lil NAS and Sam Elliott and coming in at number five was rocket mortgage is comfortable spot featuring the guy who plays aqua man so yes so. Let's lead it off. Ron Gross. Yeah do you have. Do you have a stand out our favor. Overall thoughts on Super Bowl ads. I thought they were pretty good this year. I'm not one that eve cheer says says glued to the TV. He can't wait for them. But you know I always keep keep an eye on them and this year I think they were pretty good. Some fell flat for sure. The Google and boy that got me ahead of had excused myself fervent tended. I had some allergies needed to clear up routine because that was that was pretty emotion. Crush me. Yeah it was. It was tears. I you know I got glossy eyed. Yeah I got a little I got a little. I thought the second half commercials were much better than the first half. I like that list. That ad meter sure who had meter is or how they rate these ads but I did like I liked all that they they mentioned. I thought the Alexa ad from Amazon with Ellen Generous and Porsche Rossi drowsy. I thought that was very good. I like that the idea. Do you have like how do we live before we could just kinda ask Alexa. And they kind of went through different historical funny situation. I thought that was that was that was a nice ad that basically sleep pointed to the value of this but also spoke to the brand the brand power of Alexa and Amazon in general over. Okay I didn't I didn't think any particular the super funny Although I did like the the Bill Murray ad for jeep was pretty funny. Love had to explain to my daughter's because they didn't understand who bill Mary was and what ground home so I smacked pack made me laugh the most I think or maybe smile that was that was clever right I would. I would watch that again. I actually whereas most of these I would doesn't doesn't appeal to me to watch again so in terms of the business impact. Is there one of these as that. You look at what I did. I think that did the most for the business one that I particularly had a little bit of discussion in my family because because it was environmentally focus was the Michelob.

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