Four players most likely on the move at NBA trade deadline

ESPN Daily


Team. I'm intrigued by is the Philadelphia. Seventy sixers who came into the season as a favorite to win the east. But I think they're aware see right now than people probably would have predicted and wild Tobias Harrison. Al Horford have both played well. It's still unclear whether any of these players including Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid should even be on the same team. Do you think there's any chance they make a big move ahead of the deadline or you can never say there's no chance but I think there's not A. There's not much of a chance that they move any the of their starters. So that's Harris Horford Embiid J. Rich and Ben Simmons or Matisse table who everyone and their brother wants because he's good and young and can you know defend like seven people. Once part of the reason I didn't mention much. I think they're going to do the obvious thing which is trying to package their little fringe stuff and see if they can get a little upgrade a guy that can shoot and come off the bench and all that but ah if they like. You said they're six.

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