The Pursuit of Peace


John. Fourteen twenty-seven peace. I leave with you my own piece I now given bequeath unto you not as the world gives do I give to you. Do not let your hearts beat troubled. Neither let them be afraid. How many have you seen that next sentence coming up? Stop allowing yourselves to be agitated and disturbed and do not permit yourselves elves to be fearful and intimidated and cowardly and unsettled. Now let's be clear that we're not gonNA do anything without the grace of God. Nothing nothing apart from you. We can do nothing. Our job is to believe in. God's job is to do so oh I believe that God can help me do everything that he's told me to do. If I'm willing and I can't be just a little bit willing I gotta be radically willing. It's amazing what I've seen happen in my life in this area of temperament just by focusing on something like I'm determined I'm not gonNA live without peace and it took me a good number of years. I had to really start backing into what is stealing my pace. I've I found out when I have to hurry that I'd lose my piece so then I had to stop her and I found out that if I worry about stuff all the time that I'm not gonNA keep my peace so I had to dig in with God and pray and studied the word of God enough to get to the point that I realized how useless worry is worries like sitting in Rocking Chair and Rock and all day it keeps you busy but it gets. You know where you don't make any progress. It's useless what is it that steals your piece. You say yeah well you got them. They're yours they're going to be there until they're grown and gone. Sorry you wanted them. These make a uh well yeah. Kids can be challenging. There's no doubt about it. You got four teenagers in the house. You need every book I trust me the but here's the thing you weren't any different when you were their age except those of you. That were angelic. While you were growing up I mean how many of you did some double dumb uh-huh stuff when you were a kid. I used to do stupid stuff like home. My breath till I'd pass out play chicken with cars out in the street. Me and my friends would lay down the street and see how close the car could get to us before we roll out of the way last wonder. Yeah people are wrong. Well you know I had a lot of guts back then. I wasn't too smart about it. I did stupid stuff dumb stuff. You're shaking your head at me wouldn't as you do and you know what I'm still here and I love God and got a fruitful life. I'm doing some good things and you're still here and you're growing up in God and you know what your kids kids are more likely to make if you pray for him and stop nagging them all the time the hold your peace you know. We think that we can't I can't help it. I just upset. I can't help but I just get upset. You know well. Let's let's have a moment of truth. The truth is we can control ourselves if we really want to. If if you're around the right people come on. If you're around the right people you won't act the way you at home sometimes come on. I'm not a moment of truth. I mean this is the hallmark moment right here. Everybody can now now do a selfie hallmark moment here I am dying to self one. They always having a screaming fit at my kids. Don't I told him to go play and then ten minutes later on my pick those toys up cleanness up go Pi- pick those toys up. I I don't know what I thought. I wanted them to play with one of the play and not make a mess and I lost my temper. Of course you know then after you do that you always feel guilty. The same devil. That tissue issue is the same devil that condemns you for doing what he tempted to do. The feeling at all I'm so sorry and forgive me too terrible terrible person. I just can't help it. God I just lose my temper. I just can't help and I had a vision. I've had a lot of them but I had a vision. And I saw my pastor coming to the front door and ringing the doorbell and it was like the Lord put in my heart. You think you can't help it. Let me tell you. If if your pastor rang the doorbell you would get so sweet so quick. Come on moment of truth because there's no way I have let him see me act like that Ed. I'm telling you what by the time. I got that door which was only a few steps away. We'll pastor prays aren't so great off there in there rooms playing bagher. So don't ever think you can't help it. It come on man. The exodus fourteen thirteen and fourteen. The Israelites were between the Red Sea and the Egyptian army. Not a great place to be and they started having a fit in. God told Moses to tell them hold your peace older piece hold your peace. God will fight for you see when we hold our. ps what we're really saying out loud with our actions as God. I trust you and we hold our peace were saying I know there's nothing I can do about this but God I trust view to take care of this situation

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