As hundreds of Americans leave quarantined cruise ship, Elk Grove couple decides to stay


Update the number of people infected with a new coronavirus in China's past seventy thousand is in national health experts begin meetings with their Chinese counterparts BBC news correspondent Ripper Winfield hails Hayes says some Americans have been quarantine on a cruise ship in Japan are now heading home it is a very for what the US government has said in a statement they do not believe that citizens are safe on this ship they do not believe the quarantine is working and that is why they have decided to take that citizens of Canada and help home Cole has said they will do the same doctor Anthony Fauci with the national institutes of health tell CBS's face the nation it was a good idea to get the Americans out of there the degree of transmissibility on that cruise ship is essentially a kin to being in a hot spot a lot of transmissibility on that cruise ship Chinese authorities are placed about fifty six million people in who bag under quarantine now CBS news update I'm Sam lead singer anytime that plane carrying American evacuees from the quarantine ship is expected to touch down at Travis Air Force base this evening his ideas as Peter finch explains one couple from Sacramento though is among those who said they would not go on that plane Matt Smith and his wife have been quarantined on their ship all ready for twelve days a couple more days than they'd be done but if they'd caught the flight home they'd have to start all over with the new fourteen day quarantine your government has that you're on board that ship well your unclean so we've got a lock you up in the Japanese and we don't trust the Japanese who have conducted a proper quarantine Smith and his wife also feel like the state department hasn't answered their many questions about the evacuation they think you know that they're doing us a favor by this and I don't see it as any kind of

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