Kate Erickson shares her personal journey to becoming a confident Entrepreneur


Kate say what's up to fire nation and sure something interesting about yourself that most people don't know what's fire nation so excited to be on the Mike. Today on a non income report Greece episode Something interesting about myself that most people probably don't know as I was a triathlete all throughout high school. You know that's pretty awesome because it takes a lot of skills to be a triathlete one thing so of those three things. What was your best volleyball? I wish I could say basketball but I wasn't left you on us. Well fire nation as quickly alluded to this is actually the first time in over two thousand four hundred episodes that she is joining me on entrepreneurs on fire on a non income report episode. So today is just myself? It's just kate. There's no lawyers. There's no accountants. There's no talking about dollars and sense that we made last month as just talking about how you can be more confident. This is something. That's both kate and I have experienced over the years for sure you know for me. Things go way back to the time. I was an awesome the US army which we'll get into a little bit today for Kate's you know. She has completely different story about how she evolved into a more confidence entrepreneur. More confidence woman and more confident person on stage and everything in between so. Let's not waste any time because I want to start talking with you about this journey. That fire nation probably heard bits and snippets of over the years to the income reports. And of course. Listening to your podcasts cates. Take or ditch busy one of the two or both and I just want to hand it over to you for so you can kind of break down. What's the role of conference has played on Your Journey? All the way from your early days in a cubicle. To now where you are standing here today as an entrepreneur on Phya maybe something else that fire nation does not know about me is that I was like corporate all the way through and through. I mean I went to college I graduated. I was looking for that job that matched my degree and I was going to climb the corporate ladder and I spent a lot of. You're sitting behind a desk because I didn't know that there were any other options and you know when I look back at my time in a cubicle. 'cause I literally was in cubicle. It was you know a time in my life that I didn't recognize it then but I was playing so small because I was scared to take risks and I was afraid of anything that I didn't understand or even know about I couldn't even get to the place where I wanted to find out what else might be out there. I was just like this is the way it is and so. I guess this is my life and you know looking back on that I mean. Confidence has played such a huge role on my journey. It's really been everything for me because you know even if you fire nation tuning in if you think about how many times in your life you've not done something that you truly wanted to do because of fear or doubt or not wanting to fail like I know for me. There have been so many of those situations and standing wary. I'm right now I can say with one hundred percents confidence that when we live life like that we take away so many opportunities for growth and learning and experience and for me really like true happiness. I mean living a life and comparing where I'm at right now where I approach opportunities with confidence versus. You know maybe ten years ago when I was sitting in not cook cubicle and I was approaching pretty much every opportunity with fear. You know. It's a difference between again super small hiding having zero impact. And then living this big life and putting myself out there and you know being nervous and having butterflies but being able to create a huge impact now going back to a couple of conversations that we had in twenty eleven in two thousand twelve when I was talking to you and sharing my ideas for entrepreneurs on fire and the fact that I wanted to launch this which you were always very supportive of and you know went ahead and launched it and then just a couple of months after that I was like. Wow like there's a lot going on in this business and a lot of things handle like with emails and social media's and crm's and all these different things. Kate what do you think about coming on board and basically being you know my partner in this as we can. We can grow this thing together because obviously I knew that you are crushing. It your job you are loved by your bosses your loved by your peers and people that worked with you and all these different things so I I knew you had this incredible skill set and all this ability and you know it was just in my mind. I was so like going down. That path of being an entrepreneur is everything I've just become one and I'm reading and listening about everybody. That's having all this excess. While I was just like Oh what if cages took all of that great news that she's putting into you know the Corp job and puts it into being an entrepreneur and growing our business? How amazing with that be in. You know spoiler alert. She said no the first time and then six months later fast forward I was finally able to convince. Come on board to the team but maybe talk about those two different scenarios and why. You didn't have the confidence to join just a couple of months in to entrepreneurs on fire but then why six eight months later when you did join you did have that confidence right so I mean so much of it in the very beginning when I I was thinking like you know. I don't really know if this is the right choice. Or if we're making the right decision by me coming on the team like there is a couple different things that were driving those feelings. One of them being that we were in a pretty new relationship and I didn't want joining the team to affect our like how our personal relationship was growing like unknown to me that it was going to. I think help grow so much faster and now I can't picture our personal relationship without the connection that we have in our businesses while. I think it's made it so much stronger and beautiful But for me a lot of it was wow John so brave and you know he. He's got it together and he has so much confidence that he's gone out and he's done this and like who am I to fill this role I mean. Who Am I to. What SKILLS DO I have? There are going to be able to make the type of impact that I know that I knew you were on a mission to make you know. I had so much fun and got so fired up when you and I would sit down and talk about your vision and your mission for entrepreneurs on fire but when it came down to me seeing myself in a role that was helping drive. That impact like the impostor syndrome just kicked in in such a way and I think that you know a lot of that is what was holding me back from taking that on like what. What if I disappoint you? What if I can't fill the shoes that you saw me filling and even though I knew that I had those skills don't actually think that I was using that as a way to me forward and you know when we did sit down and start to have those conversations about what would my role look like and how do you see me helping drive this business forward so much of it was your support and your confidence in me and you know having dot support around you having people who are saying like no you would be amazing at this? Otherwise I literally wouldn't have even come to you and ask you in the first place but I was missing that like. I didn't see it myself but you saw in me and once we started having those conversations where you would you know give me like a concrete example of no K if we start this mastermind fire nation elite. I see you being such an amazing leader in the community and without that you know we can't really have a mastermind that flourish because we need that platform for people to connect and support and be encouraged. And I know that you'd be amazing at that so it was. It was almost confidence that you helped me. You helped me see those skills and how they would add to it. That finally got me to a place where I was like okay. If John believes that I can do this. I can do

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