Tribal Leaders push for forward funding. What happened to all the ferries? Elizabeth Peratrovich: Alaska Native and civil rights icon to be featured on $1 coin.


This is National Native News Antonio Gonzales around this time last year the federal government had just come out of a long shutdown which impacted tribes across the country tribal leaders are pushing lawmakers for forward funding von Golden reports the idea would ensure agencies with trust obligations like the Bureau of Indian Affairs and Indian health. Service would be appropriated a year in advance of other spending bills. Aaron Payment Chairperson of the sous. Sainte Marie tribe in Michigan says such a fixed would prevent the same problems. He's seen in previous shutdowns. We lost a doctor and nurse Practitioner and for other medical staff we are probably the most impacted because we are reliant on the federal trust dollars. Tom Udall introduced advanced appropriation legislation in two thousand nineteen but it never got traction in Washington von Golden National Native News. The breakdown of the Alaska. Marine highway system has left many towns struggling to bring in food and other goods for some businesses. The challenge of getting out without fairies is just as urgent as Ari Snyder reports. Even under normal circumstances shipping logs. Out of Tennessee springs is not exactly a walk in the we crane a lumber off her barge and stack at near the interest of the ferry. Gordon chew owner of Teneke Springs. Logging company usually relies on the ferry to get his product to market. But these are not normal. Circumstances Teneke hasn't seen a ferry months and with the town's docks slated to be rebuilt. Starting in July it may not see another sailing into late December for Gaspard. We trying to figure out other ways do free and it's taken US eight years without any obvious fallback options and uncertain of when they might see another. Ferry Chu is getting creative. We're looking possibly buying motorized landing craft. The boat itself is down in Washington state. So just getting it here. We'll set them back. A lot in fuel costs panicky. Logging Company isn't the only family business in southeast looking for alternative ways of moving freight. We're doing well over one hundred thousand pounds of product out of college in four months. Seth Stewart owns Jacoby Fisheries in Pelican. Those four months. He's talking about during the summer. The product frozen fish. A lot of it like Teneke logging company you. Koby has worked out. A ferry based supply chain residents were shocked to find out their towns entirely left off the ferry system summer schedule when the draft was released in late January. It's going to cost us more money this summer than what I think is profitable in the long run but if we can just make it through the see them then it gives us time to plan out something that is viable for long term. The state plans to release a final ferry schedule later this month. I Mari Snyder the US meant has released a one dollar coin. Commemorating the work of Alaska native leader. Elizabeth Patrick Rich Alaskan celebrated a holiday in her honor on Sunday as addle in Baxter reports. The coin is currently only available online. Perovic a clinking woman from Southeast Alaska worked on the passage of the Nineteen forty-five anti-discrimination law by Alaska's territorial government. The golden coin features an image of paratroop with a form. Line Raven that we would like is to have it go through the out of reserve and has five million coins relief. It general circulation. That's Paula Moreno Grand President of the Alaska Native Sisterhood. A resolution requesting the. Us meant make the coin. More widely available passed both houses of the Alaska legislature recently communities all over Alaska. They want it to be able to reach in their pocket. They're backpacker they're in a whole decline. It symbolized their right if they're equal citizenship. The Alaska Native Sisterhood and Alaska Native Brotherhood are encouraging Alaskans to contact their congressional delegation to ask them to support a wider release of the coin. I'm Madeline Baxter. In Juneau and demand Tonia

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