The Last Pre-Iowa Debate - burst 4


I also think that there's something interesting about Biden as a candidate in that some of his reputation MM was potentially laundered by his association with Obama. Right the idea that before he was Barack Obama's vice president for instance he didn't have all that strong of black voter support. Right you know. He had run for President before and he didn't have much black voter support at all. And I think the same thing with you know the Iraq war four vote kind of gets gets obscured by will then he went to work for a president who was against the Iraq war. And who Did it tried to negotiate with. Iran tried to broker some sort of peace in the Middle East. I Yeah I do. Think it's burning strongest argument visa visa actually said the word vis-a-vis outlaw. Before I want to be the I think it's Bernie. Strongest Argument Biden our policy. You know it is a contrast. It was a very much sudafed tonight. Nate nate like tripping. They don't make laugh at like physically hurts very smart by the way I don't think Bernie had a bad debate. I just think probably weren't animated debate

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