Impeachment next week she will


Helper and questions remain over whether the Senate will call witnesses America's listening to fox news no showers and gusty wind to kick off our weekend snow should taper off before noon our high today in the upper twenties clear and about twenty overnight we'll get a mix of sun shining clouds in around forty tomorrow warmer on Monday mostly sunny and we'll have the upper forties this is Kate and SS meteorologist Steve Hamilton can you turn to first for live team coverage of breaking news eight seven thirteen thirty K. N. as a waitress because number one talking on this date in the nineteen oh four new York's Times Square so its first new year's eve celebration with an estimated two hundred thousand people in attendance that was in nineteen oh four everybody's wearing hats yep the past year's population growth rate in the United States was the slowest in a century because of declining birds increasing deaths and the slowdown of international migration figures released Monday by the U. S. census bureau so the US grew from

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