She Was a Star of New York Real Estate, but Her Life Story Was a Lie


Thanks but you are listening at to Bloomberg businessweek case Kelly and Carol Masur with you here in New York City and speaking of New York City this story it was in The New York Times it's one of the most random most read story in the past it out it's incredible we're not gonna do it justice you know go and read it but it's about a very well known late at a real estate broker here in New York City and it is a wild tale tell us about faith hope Consolo right and it just talks about she passed away died unexpectedly in late twenty eighteen to seventy three years old and you least satire who wrote her this story said you know I wrote her a **** wary which included some of the details about being born into the business benefiting from our father's legacy as a real estate executive she talks that she has talked she had talked about this is faith had talked about her mother being a child psychiatrist you talked about a privilege kinetic upbringing people who were really close to faith this was they believed was the life that she led but as Julie of The New York Times Julie writes that the details that she believed to be true as she went through this a **** where she found you know that a lot of it was why yeah this Sir actually read this this morning as I was reading in gets you know looking at the at the New York times and it its way up on the most right to it so beautifully written in in many ways and it's it's a human interest rate and I was sad that it is it is really sad and Julie say to we should point out she's been on the show he wrote this incredible book about the plaza the Secret Life right most famous hotel she's phenomenal and she just did a really amazing job it telling this tale and if you say it is a little bit sad but this was a larger than life character here in New York City exactly it really was after she read the **** where people start reaching out turn a like wait a minute you know this wasn't exactly the person and she really digs into what was the reality of her past and it was very very different from the story that faith had created and told so many of our peers and our friends anyway it's a mystery we'll put it out on Twitter this is

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