Task force recommends punishment for California cities that fail to get homeless off street


A homeless task force appointed by governor nuisances California cities and counties counties rather should be required to provide housing and shelter for the on house as KCBS is not bigger reports the group is proposing a constitutional amendment to the amendment would require that cities and counties provide enough housing to get every single homeless person off the streets it's a bold idea from the council of regional homeless advisors that woods possibly solve the state's housing crisis Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti told the council last year affordable housing should be as accessible as food stamps we do say if you're hungry there's universal access to food through food stamps we say you have a disability through S. S. T. I. N. SSI to some extent you have a universal access when it comes to housing in this country we don't have that you qualify for formal housing in America you have a one in four chance of getting help now there's bound to be pushed back from a local governments which would likely bear the cost of all the extra housing we're talking billions of dollars man amendment to California's constitution could be on the ballot this November but first two thirds of the legislature would have to approve if Matt Bigler

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