Races of the Year: True Valour Emerges Victorious in City of Hope Mile

In The Gate


Better way to start art than with a horse blanket. Finish the kind you see so often on the grass this mile trip on the Senate Anita Lawn and early. October had Breeders Cup up implications for this class. The winner hadn't raced since February eight months earlier and so he was dismissed at sixteen to one by Dryden Van N.. Dyke Save the horses energy in the city of hope mile and he lived up to his name as he got the job. Done through dollar racing on the inside of on-deck should the far turn. synchrony awaiting racing room has seven to make up in the blue cap catapult is outside of him. Then it's Ohio. Big Score tried ride a rally on the outside of river buoyed up quarter mile to go and kingly has been there every step of the way chased by restraint vengeance. They're still one to prince. Earliest analysts. Breathe like stock and starting to finish with some momentum synchrony at the rail catapult extreme outside and true valour sixteenth Toco. His prince between heart set the far outside their comes true dollars searching. Here's a live photo goes true valour upset in the city of hope mile in a wild scramble. The finish

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