Seahawks consider Robert Turbin in addition to Marshawn Lynch


Looks like the Seattle Seahawks are about to give their twelves little early Christmas present from all indications they're bringing back a former running back but not cool but not Marshawn Lynch what's going on Adam Schefter with the S. P. N. is saying that it's going to be Robert Turbin who played for the sea hawks and anyone under the Browns the Dallas Cowboys and the colts he is thirty these from Oakland California just like Marshawn Lynch who's also in town talking with the Seattle Seahawks I think they signed both guys saying either because right now the only have Travis Homer and as of about two weeks ago this guy was a four string again ready for a MHM you know you know the label course everything was a giant lump of coal yesterday when the hawks lost to Arizona on explain and Lee and then they lost two more running backs for the season at left tackle Duane brown is having knee surgery all of that in the in the San Francisco forty Niners coming to town on Sunday night and the winner grabs the NFC west how about that most of us are Marchand and Robert Turbin together again it could happen had a tweet from turbine this afternoon saying quotes there's no place like home so it's just about a done deal we we

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