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Who wins 2020? New Hampshire Election Predictions



Big on. I think he's on Bernie and New Hampshire remember number two. I think probably the judge number two. I mean I wouldn't be stunned to see. He warned number two yet just because remember she is still the a the polls have shown her and boom Relatively close yeah I I I wouldn't be stunned. It will be a very good result for her Then it would be a good result if you believe in this moderate lane. Which of course is a myth There isn't a moderate moderate right lane the Democrat not among those guys now these all but you know I think sanders will probably win. I think my belief is he's going to win by a relatively decent margin remember. He absolutely blew out Clinton in in two thousand sixteen by over twenty points. Yeah I was going to say twenty five thirty twenty two. Maybe it was over twenty. which yeah I mean that was destruction at the next door neighbor? So yeah you should win this. Yeah you know so it will be interesting to see I. I see on the back of key smarter over here. Kluber shower and third is that of Keith Prediction Keith. Prediction I mean. It's an interesting one I I. She had a good debate. That debate was a very bad for Biden and very good for sanders and very good for Bloomberg right. I mean I think like what. What is shaping up right now to me? Is Sanders winning tonight tonight. By a decent margin he was already probably the favorite in Nevada anyway. it's a caucus state You know it's a union state. We're just look that up this morning and was it Was Biden was in the lead. But there hasn't been polling there to tell there will be no no no polling since Iowa could help him a lot if he wins in Nevada. So let's say he wins. These first three pole. There's nothing fresh okay so you go and I think he base I think Sanders was actually the winner in Iowa. Buddha judge got great bump out of it but and he actually looks like he may technically win. One measure of the three measures they released but Bernie blew him out and the other two measures when it comes to the actual number claiming victory and they're both claiming victory so we'll call that one guy He's going to win New Hampshire. I think If he wins Nevada as well I think There's a new Quinnipiac poll out today. That showed all the the. The firewall of Joe Biden among black voters is completely disintegrated. He's twenty points among black voters already. So I don't think South Carolina is is a legitimate firewall. Has he lost the lead South Gerland It was it was a national poll among black voters he was he was down and Sanders is now in first place nationally If he's winning national he wants his first. I three states. I think there's a great chance. He wins South Carolina too. It's possible if no one can stop him there. It's just a firewall of Bloomberg. And here's this guy who's rising in the polls. He's way up. Remember what he had in that Quinnipiac poll. But he's up there in like third place. Now he's running unopposed and all these states for Super Tuesday which is a huge advantage for him and he's dumping money's spent his tried the same thing in Florida now now. Three hundred million didn't have the money. Yeah Yeah He. He's legitimately able to put this together. He's getting all the best consultants He looks like he won the the stupid Dixville Notch thing that they do every on the overnight of course he he's actually actually technically winning ballclub. Shar one that she won. The I think she won the entire state because There's three towns that do it okay. that dude midnight voting thing the Dixville Notch thing Bloomberg was leading both the Republican and Democrat on the ballot. Both both people wrote wrote him in on both sides who's actually winning. Both primaries for a moment got flooding. But I've been look he's going to try this and I think you know there's already leaked video coming out. Bloomberg is a disastrous candidate to. He's just it looks good. No one's been picking him apart right but he may be. The Democrats will only firewall against Bernie Sanders and there are a lot of Democrats in black. Voters liked Bloomberg in New York. He had a very he still has a good approval rating despite stop and Frisk and all those things that he's trying to make him out to be You know anti-black black. He had good approval rating among black voters so he may be the one guy that can stop sanders run to the nomination but missing. Those first four states is going to be very difficult to get to a majority majority and that's why it looks more and more like a brokered convention situations possible while that'd be something

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