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Shopify, Lyft, and the Galaxy Z - burst 4



Jim Samsung introduced their first foldable phone a year ago. did not go to well. I know you have a Samsung phone. What do you think about the latest news here? I think the I I certainly hope. They have fixed issues that they had last year. That were Hinges breaking the glass breaking off after only a few flips. So it wasn't foldable. Actually it was but for not very often now. The Samsung is claiming that the the seven flip. Can't I'm sorry. The said the Z.. Flip can go through cycled through to greater than two hundred thousand closing open cycles which is actually a lot that allows about one hundred eighty uses per day for three years okay. That's that's pretty robust if there's a lot of mass but I'm just trying to about how the one hundred eighty okay. I think that's probably that's probably enough. That's probably enough But they also they also Launched there s twenty Model of smartphone nonflammable type or at least if you fold it you're buying a new phone But the the financial news is kind of ridiculing ridiculing Samsung here because they went straight from the ten of the twenty whereas the US eleven twelve thirteen. May maybe. It's twice as good Maybe maybe not At least at least I went from ex or ten up to eleven but maybe iphones next generations can be the double m two thousand. I'm sorry I'm just the fact that I have a time limit on amount that I can apparently flip the flip phone. I'm not sure if I WANNA phone. That will eventually. Just die on me depending ending a how often sceptical kitchener schick arbitrary. You know limits to my third grade of the two thousand us there is. There is a real possibility. I flip my phone two hundred thousand times in a year. Well anyway getting back to your question about twice as better Mac. The the specs are pretty impressive. They have have four cameras on the back that can do a wide variety of things depending on which version you get They have a pretty good zoom on the ultra zoom is ten x optical and one hundred x digital and but that's a as one Author in the Wall Street Journal wrote.

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Shopify, Lyft, and the Galaxy Z - burst 4

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