Polish-American Sisters Cook Up Pierogi Profits


Sisters. Casey and Vanessa White drew up in western Massachusetts spending the nineties. And he's working alongside their grandfather to make fresh pirogies for his Polish food store. If you're not familiar parochial are filled. Dumplings of central and eastern European origin made made by wrapping unleavened dough around savory or sweet filling and then cooking them in boiling water or sometimes pan. Fry when Casey and Vanessa weren't making the parochial the dish. I was also a staple at their family dinner table. After the sisters got to college in Boston they realized they had taken so much for granted. beantown was perogie deprived arrived. When their Momma visit would hand deliver amazing homemade pirogies much to the envy of their new friends? The siblings knew that if anyone was going to do something about the pirogi void in Boston. It would be them. They began to cook. In Vanessa's kitchen. There was friends became oil tests subjects. Who would fill out forms after they try the dumplings things to give feedback? After about six months. Casey in Vanessa had perfected their recipe. They decided to try selling delicious dumplings local farmers markets but but before they did that they needed to get a retail permit to do that. They had to have a professional kitchen to cook their perogie. San Weren't sure what to do. The sisters weren't ready to invest the money money into opening up in industrial kitchen. So it was time to get creative. They began to search for a story that day or two a week. That wasn't using their commercial kitchen. Aw I figured that. They the aspiring perogie chefs could provide another small business with an opportunity to make a little extra money all while solving their own problems. They reached out to a local butcher shop. That didn't use their kitchen on Sundays to see if they could pay rented out their hunch was right. The butcher shop agreed and Casey Vanessa check their license with that. The women began to prepare for their first farmers market. They rented out the kitchen for one hundred. Twenty five dollars then cooked close to three hundred pirogies. They froze them and the following Saturday showed up to the farmers market with fifty boxes full of six parochial each. They call their booth judge you. Peruzzi after the phonetic phonetic pronunciation of grandfather in Polish and completely sold out all fifty boxes within the first hour at a price of eight dollars a box. All the confirmation. They needed every week after that. They sold perogie on Saturday. And then cook a new batch for the following week on Sunday. This was their routine for a year. Finally got to the point where they couldn't couldn't grow their business anymore while working fulltime jobs they had more demand than if you keep up with new. It was time to take elite with the extra time. The sisters were able to dive into their business. They found more customers by being everywhere they could as often as they could. Casey and Vanessa attended more. Farmers markets went to festivals in popped up at breweries. They were also active on facebook and instagram. As time went on they ended up investing in their own three thousand square foot kitchen and with that their production skyrocketed rocketed. They now make an average of get this twelve thousand parochial week which they sell it over. One hundred specialty stores around New England got their product on so many shelves simply by being persistent they would drop off samples stores and keep calling until that story either put in an order or told him to stop. Oh they've been able to sustain lives as perogie pioneers carrying on tradition keeping their grandfather's name alive and constantly learning meanwhile customers I get to hear about their Polish traditions emotional ties to the food while enjoying those delicious dumplings. Of course what's next. The sisters have two words more Dr Parochial. They claim to keep judge parochial. Going for as long as they can

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